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The Language of Oppression

Tweet Muzzled.      Our Scientists.  Civil Servants.  Librarians and Archivists (?  Yes, you read that correctly, Librarians and Archivists).  Our Members of Parliament.  Journalists.  Activists.  Charitable and Environmental Orgs.  Have I missed anyone? I have a problem with the way muzzled gets used these days.  In this Governments actions and in the casual way . . . → Read More: The Language of Oppression

Election Fraud

Tweet Interesting. When I think of Election Fraud, I think of Saanich/Gulf Islands campaign in 2008.  Gary Lunn v. Briony Penn. Briony was a charismatic candidate for the Liberal Party, she was Lady Godiva, a candidate for change.  This lady went out on a limb to represent the people.  Shortly before the election, the . . . → Read More: Election Fraud