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An Open Letter to our Political Leaders


I am appalled by the lack of debate in the House on the situation in the Ukraine and any role Canada should take on. PM has unilaterally started committing Canadians to go to the volatile region to take part in NATO posturing against Russia.

I know that Canada has many citizens of Ukrainian . . . → Read More: An Open Letter to our Political Leaders

It’s Spring. Sharpen Your Pitchforks.


This is it folks. Now is the time. We cannot afford to wait for some future theoretical Election to happen, where the outcome will do nothing to change the trajectory of turning Canada into a kleptocracy.

Let’s face some facts here. Even if the country, at least the 70% of the . . . → Read More: It’s Spring. Sharpen Your Pitchforks.

Lies and Spin, BC Liberal Style (Not on the Radar)


Christy Clark (or rather, her lackey Terry Lake) declared yesterday that the BC Government does not support the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline at this time.  Immediately, this news was plastered over all the media.  Environmental Orgs from Dogwood Initiative to Greenpeace trumpeted the news.  The War is Over!  We won!

Well, before . . . → Read More: Lies and Spin, BC Liberal Style (Not on the Radar)

The Language of Oppression

Tweet Muzzled.      Our Scientists.  Civil Servants.  Librarians and Archivists (?  Yes, you read that correctly, Librarians and Archivists).  Our Members of Parliament.  Journalists.  Activists.  Charitable and Environmental Orgs.  Have I missed anyone? I have a problem with the way muzzled gets used these days.  In this Governments actions and in the casual way . . . → Read More: The Language of Oppression

Trolls and Polls

Tweet Updated at bottom Racism and ignorance are obviously alive and thriving in Canada today. I can’t help feeling overwhelmed by it.  Saddened.  Discouraged. But I have this doubt in my mind, based on stories that have surfaced over the last few years.  We all know that Stephen Harper is extremely controlling in his . . . → Read More: Trolls and Polls

Who Audits the Auditor, and why it’s not news…

Tweet Deloitte and Touche. Auditors of Attawapiskat. It turns out, for one of the 4 largest Auditing Firms on the planet, this firm has faced alot of critisism, charges and fines.  After the 2006 election, they were forced to retract their audit of the Conservative Party of Canada.  From the Ottawa Citizen

“The Conservative . . . → Read More: Who Audits the Auditor, and why it’s not news…

Harper’s Problem

Tweet Stephen Harper has a little problem. Her name is Theresa Spence.  She is Chief of the Attawapiskat Nation and she is tired of being bullied.  In fact, she is not going to take it anymore.  On December 11, 2012 this leader started a hunger strike.  Her demand is simple.  She wants the Prime . . . → Read More: Harper’s Problem

The Play

Tweet The people of BC have been polling at 80% against pipelines and tankers off the coast for years.  Since the Seventies in fact.  Last week, the PostMedia admitted that Harper’s vision of pipelines to the coast and tankers from there to China, are dead in the water (so to speak). So they must’ve . . . → Read More: The Play

the Election Officer shuffle…

Tweet      As many people are shocked to learn that the Commissioner of Elections Canada suddenly retired in the midst of the most important investigation in Elections Canada’s history, I can only shake my head as Harper has torn another page from the Gordon Campbell BC Liberal’s playbook.  We will possibly never know how . . . → Read More: the Election Officer shuffle…

Orange Blood II, the NDP Edition…

Tweet This is about the NDP Leadership Convention 2012, and why I think that democracy has failed. I became a member of the NDP for the BCNDP Leadership race.  My partner and I both joined the Party to support our MLA, John Horgan.  A man of principle, who listened to the concerns of his . . . → Read More: Orange Blood II, the NDP Edition…

Election Fraud

Tweet Interesting. When I think of Election Fraud, I think of Saanich/Gulf Islands campaign in 2008.  Gary Lunn v. Briony Penn. Briony was a charismatic candidate for the Liberal Party, she was Lady Godiva, a candidate for change.  This lady went out on a limb to represent the people.  Shortly before the election, the . . . → Read More: Election Fraud

“Let Me Be Perfectly Clear…”

Tweet Our Canada is gone. Harper made that perfectly clear this morning in Davos, Switzerland.  Sweeping changes to Old Age Pensions.  Privatisation of science and innovation.  Deregulation. MacKay signed off our military sovereignty quietly yesterday, authorising Homeland Security operations on Canadian soil, in the event of an emergency, or a terrorist attack…

Canada and . . . → Read More: “Let Me Be Perfectly Clear…”

An Unprecedented Friday Afternoon Document Dump, cont…

Tweet A message from BC. Last Friday in BC, Christy Clark announced that there will be no fall election.  This amounts to a bloodless Coup of our fair province.  Clark has no mandate.  She is unelected.  She sailed into power by the grace and deep pockets of the same group of suspects that may . . . → Read More: An Unprecedented Friday Afternoon Document Dump, cont…

Paradise Island…

Tweet I apologise to my peers for the light blogging recently.  Thank you for holding up the blog-o-sphere while I have been busy.  Man!  I’ve been busy!   I was fortunate to join some Sisters on Saltspring Island last weekend for an annual weekend together.  We share food, music, books, recipes, patterns and so . . . → Read More: Paradise Island…

Harper’s contribution to the energy debate


The disaster in Japan is, even now, putting a spotlight on the question of nuclear power and whether it’s a good idea to emphasize it in the planning of energy policy.

I’d like to say something sensible, perhaps suggesting that if we’re going to talk about less expensive ways of producing energy, then . . . → Read More: Harper’s contribution to the energy debate

Anyone using the term ‘bandwidth hog’ forfeits the right to be taken seriously


Yeah, yeah, I know. A coherent policy framework may be too much to expect, given the Harper government’s predilections.

But one of the most important steps in building that framework is clearing away the bullshit. We need to dispense with the straw men, and the false assumptions, and the phony analogies, and the red herrings, . . . → Read More: Anyone using the term ‘bandwidth hog’ forfeits the right to be taken seriously

NDP Seeks To Create Opportunity For Progressive Choice


I was waiting for this. Granted, it came much sooner then I planned, but it came. Iggy has once again given his ultimatum to the Conservatives, saying that they will vote against their budget if it contains another corporate tax cut. You’d think that Iggy would have learned from the fall of 2009, . . . → Read More: NDP Seeks To Create Opportunity For Progressive Choice

Harper’s Princples: As Directionless As The Rest of His Policies


Don't bother me with this now. I have principles to stand up for.

When we lost the UN Security Council seat Prime Minister Stephen Harper was undeterred in his stand for principled issues. “Our engagement internationally is based on the principles that this country holds dear; it is not based on popularity,” . . . → Read More: Harper’s Princples: As Directionless As The Rest of His Policies