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Oh Bob Fife, Are You Suggesting That You Get Paid Less Than Your CBC Counterparts?

That is the question @YukonGale asked on Twitter tonight during tonight’s episode of Power Play on the boob tube this fine evening.  I watched it too.  For those who did not watch, Don Martin asked both journalists (Toronto Star’s Tim Harper and of course, Bob Fife, CTV’s Ottawa bureau chief) he had on the journo’s panel their thoughts of Stevie Spiteful pulling on a tighter noose on labour and their wages, conditions, collective bargaining, etc on crown corporations such as the much maligned CBC/Radio Canada and Via Rail .  In a nutshell, Tim Harper had problems with it for all the obvious reasons. However, Bob Fife seemed to be all gung ho about it.  To paraphrase ol’ Bobby,  Crown corp workers’ wages are basically out of control and so are their pensions and other benefits and well, hell, something must be done! After all, most Canadians work for the private sector, they earn less and have no pension plans.  Yes, boys ‘n’ girls, he really did say that!

Well, Mr. Bobby Fife, that sounds rich coming from you, a CTV veteran and Ottawa Bureau Chief.  I mean, is he really suggesting he gets paid less than his CBC counterparts?  Is anyone going to try to convince me he has noooo pension plan or other fringe benefits such as group insurance?   I mean, if he were really jealous of CBC workers, wouldn’t he have somehow snagged a gig from the CBC a long time ago?  Yeah, he is really the right folksy spokesperson for all the underpaid workers of the private sector.  Oh Bobby, if you were really worried about the plight of most private sector workers paid less and have far less benefits than those of public sector workers, you wouldn’t be so smug in your suit and tie in the CTV studio bantering with Don Martin. No, you’d be out on this nice warm summery day leading a May Day march somewhere. You’d be leading a rallying cry for better working conditions for these workers if you really cared about them.  Furthermore, you’d be on the  asses of  companies using Bengladeshi blood sweat out in unsafe and illegal factories.  That goes for the Blogging SupposiTories who whine about public sector workers as well as other right winged members of the politically insane.

As for all those workers bitching about how public sector unionized workers getting too much because you don’t get nearly that much, here’s a bit of advice to you. Switch gears! Time to wake ‘n’ bake!  Instead of bitching and showing your green eyed monster of jealousy come through, why not demand better for yourselves? Why not try to find something better?  You would certainly deserve it.  Get something straight, the reason these CEO’s and the like are so rich and well healed is because of you, the worker. Without workers of all skill levels, your bosses would be nowhere and fast.  Instead, you’re contributing to Stevie Spiteful’s campaign of driving down wages.  Hell, a little more outrage about temporary foreign workers taking your jobs would be helpful.

Another thing, our MPs and Harpercon cabinet are all getting raises.  Before going off on public sector employees, start with yourselves, shave off that gold plated pension would be an excellent start. As they say, put up or shut up.

2 comments to Oh Bob Fife, Are You Suggesting That You Get Paid Less Than Your CBC Counterparts?

  • Rene

    And with that cue, switch over to the Blogging SupposiTories discussions, where the politically insane with handles such as Frankenstein and “Turdmeister” trade insults over a discussion ( on BC Blue’s site) ostensibly devoted to Christy Clark’s driving habits and the BC elections – your own site offered a discussion on the same theme minus the exchanged insults – complete with stalkers such as the lovelorn Bocanuckbocanut lurking in the background, bragging about how he tormented Warren Kinsella and pushed him to post a reward for his search.

    They are not quite sure whom to torment next, but BC Blue has the BC Conservatives fixed in his sights, and is championing the cause of one Mischa Popoff, former Conservative candidate apparently justifiably excluded as “kook” from a party of kooks and misfits, offering a video attack ad from Popoff directed towards the Conservatives in which a rambling political rant by a rodeo clown wannabe is constantly interrupted by “bestiality porn” antics with a bull.

    They should forego politics and seek a career on the comedy club circuit….

  • Rene

    To get an idea of how unhinged some of these Blogging Tories have become, consider the political trajectory of your former ideological sparring partner, Maria S of the Dodo Can Spell website. She still carries links to the Blogging Tories on her site, although she has apparently been dropped from their rolls and has linked up to the far right – sites like Canadian Immigration Report – which attack capitalism, Conservative immigration policy and what is deemed the inadequacy of Conservative policy in general, the temporary foreign worker program and the like from a far right perspective.

    Dodo, still describing herself as a Conservative, links to extremists who seek to combine fear mongering over immigration and crime to anti-capitalist rhetoric over the greed of big business, such as the following from the CIR website:

    “For decades, immigration has been sold to us as a moral obligation, a financial requirement and a natural inevitability by greedy corporations putting big profits before what’s best for Canadians.”

    “Support for an aggressive immigration policy has been marketed to us like a product by interests who are unconcerned for Canada but devoted to their shareholders. Almost everyone bought in, and those who show reluctance are derided. However, this latest move from RBC is such a clear example of why immigration is evil and how its justification to Canadians has been nothing but a scheme to perpetuate the worst aspects of capitalism.”

    “Writ large, immigration creates an unlimited source of consumers and a race to the bottom for wage-payers by importing an increasingly desperate population of job seekers.”

    “Marx had it almost right: immigration is the reserve army of labour, and an equally inexhaustible contingent of consumerism.”

    “It is important to be reminded that sentiments critical of immigration are not strictly right-wing. Big business right-wingers can never get enough immigration. Big business wants open borders.”

    The Conservatives have their work cut out for them if such are the appetites of their more vocal right wing, veering into fascist sympathies for Le Pen and the Front National in France over proposed gay marriage legislation to panic mongering over muslim immigration to Canada. Dodo has even removed the disclaimer from her website claiming homophobes and bigots are not welcome – as judging by her current offerings they are the only ones who would be.

    Though she still engages in Sarah Palin worship and refers to Obama as “the maddest President of the USA. A President who being a muslim thinks first as a muslim and then as an American”.

    Commenting on the Boston massacre, Dodo informs us that ” Massachusetts is well known as one of the main Leftish states in the USA….. If only the Bostonians had refrained from pampering the Muslims there, maybe the tragedy of April 15, 2013 would have never come about.”

    Dodo further informs us that ” York Region Police Services under the control of Muslims”.. are ….”blackmailing Canadian citizens using their own special brand of muslim tactics”.

    In an April 30 piece entitled ” Muslim Crime Wave in Canada … Part XXXVIII” she advises us :

    “All this crime from one segment of the immigration population and that segment is supposed to be less than 5% of Canada’s population. Can you dare imagine what it will be like in Canada when that percentage grows a bit more? Don’t forget to say a big THANK YOU to the Liberals as well as to the Conservative party. Jason Kenney, Minister of Immigration should share the blame along with the Liberals, as under his leadership the importation of muslims has not abated …. not one bit…. although he has become very adept at telling us how he has refined the immigration process. We conservatives should not point our fingers at just the Liberals for the failure of the immigration process, the Conservative govt. has been in charge for a long time now and what have they actually done other than to mouth off what they are doing but in reality not really doing ? Under their watch the Foreign Workers program and the import of muslim refugees have exploded to shameful scandals.”

    As that is part 35 of an ongoing anti-muslim, anti-immigration rant coming from a self-described Conservative immigrant to Canada, I think we can spare your readers highlights from the other 34 parts.

    Under an earlier piece submitted mid-April entitled ” Province of Alberta has the hots for Islam and Jihadists”, Dodo informs us :

    ” O Alberta …. what went wrong with your soul and love for country and Judeo-Christian values?? ***Sigh**** Now that even Alberta has opened its arms to the Trojan Horse, is there any hope for the rest of the country? The SUN network is the only network in the entire country forcing some sunlight into the darkened window panes of these establishments. Every other news outlet is asleep at the wheel of the bus making its way to the destined dive over the cliff. Will anybody mourn their demise?”

    Curiously enough, Sun News Media is currently promoting as political entertainment and media event a Harper-friendly Alaskan loveboat ” freedom Cruise” with media “personalities” such as Ezra Levant, described in cruise literature as a “provocateur” and Wildrose leader Danielle Smith as hosts, exploring such themes as : “What happened to Alberta, and are conservative ideas safe anywhere in Canada?”

    It appears Dodo is not alone in raising the alarm and voicing such concerns, and that the harper Reformacons are planning a strategic retreat behind the firewall of Alberta.