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Right and Wrong

Laila Yuile gave us a perspective on a Jonathon Fowlie editorial about Christie Clark.  In the interview with Fowlie, conducted during a hockey mom photo op. type interview apparently…I’ll let Laila speak for herself…

“I absolutely had to pick my chin off of my desk this morning when I read Jonathon Fowlie’s feature on the premier.

In particular, the portion where her son ( I do hate bringing anyone’s child into politics,but damn it, Christy, you keep doing it yourself) dares her to run a red light, at an empty intersection, at 5 am in the morning.

And she does.

And her son’s response is: “you always do that.”

I highly recommend you go and read it in it’s entirety including the links if you can stomach the ass kissing Fowlie wallows in, here .

Now, many people (in the mainstream media) are brushing this off as inconsequential, “running a red light, we’ve all done it…”, but, just this afternoon five people died in a crash in South Surrey as a result of a driver choosing to run a red light.

Clark was lucky, no one got hurt, but she showed an error in judgement as a leader, in her role of Mother, she took a dare from her son to willfully break the law.  What kind of an example does that set for an impressionable pre teenage child?  What kind of leadership does it show when a person has problems with legal and societal boundries?

Clearly, a person who can’t distinguish right from wrong at an intersection where the law is clear, should not be entrusted with the welfare of the general population.

Stop or go?

Stop Christie.

PS. Not even going into the ass kissing perpetrated by one Jonathon Fowlie…

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