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BC Election

BC elections are funny, sad and scary all at the same time.  (warning, following BC politics can cause sleeplessness and depression.  Any consumers who feel depressed after following BC politics should immediately turn off the computer/TV/radio and seek vitamin D, hence my recent silence on the blog.)


This morning I got an email from my best friend of 45 years, asking me a simple question that managed to inspire me to write.  Thank you my friend, you always know what I need…


“I would love to hear what you think of the recent political goings on; how about that Gordon Wilson thing yesterday !?  “


This was my reply (with a small edit or two).


It’s funny, because Gordon Wilson is a facebook “friend”, as is Judi Tyabji.  I logged on yesterday to him complaining about how people are saying nasty things about him “coming out” for the liberals.  I find it hilarious that anyone was that surprised that he is a liberal, or that his opinion carries any weight.  I find it sad that he and Judi still support the liberals, after the backstabbing that they got all those years ago.  I have lost any respect I had for him, which wasn’t much to begin with, given his political history that earned him the nickname Flip Wilson. knowing that a vote for the liberals is a vote for child poverty, inequity and privatisation of public assets.  That he must not give a single fuck about the environment, the wild salmon, the coast, which did surprise me, given that they run a oceanfront farm in powell river.  What kind of an idiot he must be?  So, there you go, very mixed feelings about that.
The polls are showing the election race to be tightening.  I do not find this amusing, I am terrified in these ways.  The pollsters are cherrypicking to bias results.  I am an Angus Reid member and they have not asked me a single question about politics in months, I have even complained to them about it, with no result.  People may just be stupid enough to elect the liberals based on smear campaigns.  If this scenario comes to pass, all hope is extinguished for any kind of democratic improvement in BC.  A liberal government will be the end of the province as we know it and all hope will be gone.
Why is Dix not campaigning?  It’s politics, he is expected to slay the opponent and Clark is a fucking huge and easy target.  In my humble opinion, Dix was a plant, put in there to lose this election.  Look for the same behavior from Mulcair.  I am very upset by what I see in Canada and have come to the conclusion that we have never been a democracy.  It was always a lie.
I haven’t been able to write about anything lately, as I am absorbing this knowledge.  Aunty Linda asked me who she should vote for.  A clear invitation to pontificate.  The only advice I could give her was to vote for the candidate in her riding who shows the best intent for her riding, and that independant candidates could only be a good thing in parliament.
It’s depressing.
Having said all that, I can update you that I have been blocked or “unfriended” by Mr. Wilson for engaging him in political debate.  Since when do you profess to encourage debate and delete all comments and people who comply?  How is that democratic?
Please readers in BC, don’t slack off.  Vote in this election.  For the children.

8 comments to BC Election

  • Maharg

    One thing Gordon has proven time after timme is his absolute affinity to flakehood.

  • ” In my humble opinion, Dix was a plant, put in there to lose this election. Look for the same behavior from Mulcair. I am very upset by what I see in Canada and have come to the conclusion that we have never been a democracy.”

    Obviously you have been wiretapping my nightmares, and your statements merely encourage my tendency to want to get drunk and fuggit about it!

    Kim Reply:

    Just don’t forget to vote kootcoot! It’s your duty. And if you do it today you’ll be showing solidarity with the BC Federation of Labour and sending a clear message to the Masters of the Universe.


  • Maharg

    Kim, I’m sure you saw the analysis of Gordon Wilson’s legal challenges on Bob Mackin’s Gold Rush blog.

    Kim Reply:

    Yes, I have. Thanks for that update. Readers should check the above link.

  • Rusticana

    Very disheartening vote for the greater evil to corporate cronyism like CTV with thier big story about no rats in Alberta just the abandon domed dog capital of Canada

  • Joey

    I don’t think it is as tight as the polls suggest, because reading comments on sites where commenting is still possible (and has anyone else noticed how difficult/impossible it is to post on sites like the Vancouver Sun and the Province? Guess they got tired of the majority of BC commenters disagreeing with their propaganda) the vast majority of BC voters still want change.

  • If you’re in the mood for an election SPOOF: