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Still Think the Harpercons aren’t Running a Dictatorship?

I learned about this scary happening on tonight’s episode of Power Play this fine evening.  Remember another story CTV’s Bob Fife did a year ago,  regarding  Walt Natynczyk, spending 1Million $ smackers using gov’t aircraft as his personal play things, going off to the Caribbean and to hockey games?  Well, boys ‘n’ girls, DND has sent their dogs to investigate Mr. Bob Fife .

The police report involving CTV is one of several NIS investigations into media outlets the Citizen has obtained using the Access law. The newspaper filed the access request after sources said the military police force was being used inappropriately to investigate journalists who wrote or broadcast embarrassing information about Defence Minister Peter MacKay and the Canadian Forces leadership.

Yes, boys ‘n’ girls, as you can see, there are others being investigated.

It’s obviously not the first time this was done by the Harpercons.  Remember Cindy Blacklock, the social worker who was advocating on behalf of First Nartions Children? She had her facebook hacked into by Harpercon goons.

How about that artist who had her European show cancelled due to her criticism of the Harpercons’ laissez-faire environmental stance?

Now, it is with a journalist, Bob Fife, who probably votes Harpercon at every election (Hopefully, he’ll think twice about that one come the next election).  He obtained his information legally, through Access to Information.  Hardly qualifies as grandiose espionage. As Susan Delacourt pointed out this fine evening,  this is more like a banana republic.  Hell, even John Idiotson, who just loves Stevie Spiteful to bits n bits, couldn’t defend this latest act.

I don’t often agree with what Bob Fife says. Recently, I took serious issue with his points of view of unionized v non-unionized workers .  However, when he puts his mind on a story, he can hit it out of the ball park, like that recent senategate and the escapades of Porky Puffy Duffy.  Regardless. What is happening to him is frightening and everyone should be frightened.  It’s kinda laughable when t he Harpercons  gallavant and jet set across the globe, lecturing others about not doing such things.  Oh the hypocrisy!

Everyone should be scared.  This is not supposed to happen in a democratic society, but it does happen in dictatorships.  Still think Stevie and his Harpercons are not dictators, boys ‘n’ girls? Waiting for the apologists and cheerleaders over at the Blogging SupposiTories or SunTVNews try to spin this one.

A reminder here are, once again, boys ‘n’ girls, the 14 characteristics of fascism .  I think Stevie’s got ‘em all in spades.

Stevie’s paranoia makes Nixon look laid back and mellow.

5 comments to Still Think the Harpercons aren’t Running a Dictatorship?

  • cherylb

    Bring it on Steve. You bastard…..

  • Owen Gray

    It’s not like we didn’t see this movie in the last century, ck.

  • kootcoot

    “Stevie’s paranoia makes Nixon look laid back and mellow.”

    Nixon’s corpse is spinning it its grave as our current crop of politicians, having learned from his mistakes get away with crap Nixon couldn’t have imagined. For example, where Nixon helped cook his own goose with the tapes made under his orders, in spite of Rose Mary’s attempts to redact them, our modern paranoid dictators not only don’t record on tape, but as much as possible use “paperless” communications and not to save trees!

  • G.J.W.

    Harper does have a, very, very shady political past. He even tried to have, Alberta separate from Canada. Harper was Policy Chief for his Northern Foundation Party of 1989. When Harper called Harper a control freak, they were bang on. All Dictators are control freaks. Harper had hired his good buddy, Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front as, security for Preston Manning. Wolfgang Droege was murdered in 2005.

    Canadians can count on Harper, to give Canada to Communist China. Harper’s FIPA deal with Red China, means exactly that. China will take Canada over, for 31 years.

  • Scotian

    I always said the problem with Harper and his followers would be abuse of power scandals that would make anything we had ever seen before pale by comparison, because it was obvious to me for years even before he became PM what he would do if he ever became PM, and especially a majority PM. This latest set of revelations just fits in with everything else I’d come to expect from this man who not only considers himself to be above the law of the land (as well as being the law) but who thinks that our traditional precepts of governance were not merely outdated but actively held in contempt despite most Canadians actually being reasonably comfortable with most of it (within reasonable limits of course, there was always going to be a certain level of discontent but prior to the Harper regime I do believe that aside from disgust at the voting mechanisms for electing people were on balance comfortable with how things were). When Harper said we wouldn’t recognize Canada when he was done with it, not only was he being sincere and literal he was understating what he planned on bringing to us. This was why I spent so many years focused on defeating Harper as my sole political concern federally, and why I kept trying to point out that as tired and corrupt as the Libs were back in the Martin days they still were far less dangerous and corrosive to Canadian democracy that even a minority Harper government, let alone a majority. Well, I think the historical record showed that assessment to be accurate!

    I always understood how vulnerable our system was to this kind of abuse if we ever allowed someone with true fascist tendencies to hold the PMO, and as bad as prior governments and PMs have been in centralizing power to the PMO what we have seen from the Harper regime since it came to power makes what all of his predecessors did appear trivial by comparison. Not only is this no small feat it is utterly terrifying! What really kills me personally though is knowing how much of this was built on the disinterest of most voters in understanding even the most basic of civics regarding how our system of governing actually works, and the ability of the Harperites (with aid from the Layton NDP, something I will *NOT* pretend didn’t happen and worse played a major role in enabling the rise of Harper to the PMO and majority) to play most voters for stupid on process as well as policy issues, not to mention how different they were on these points from the PCPC that they murdered to become the sole party of the right. Mind you the national political media didn’t help much either, especially after Harper came to power in 2006, they bowed quickly to the new master and have allowed the worst abuse of power scandals ever in our history to go largely unnoticed outside of the political classes like us until recently (the Duffy thing seems to have finally woken them up, though I’m not holding my breath on it lasting).

    This is a very scary time to be a Canadian, especially a politically aware one (especially if you aren’t a party/leader partisan but someone that believes in the old values about peace order and good government being more than a mere slogan). We have a sitting PM willing, able and from all indications actively using the tools of government to not only advance his political agenda but to track and silence dissent just short of the use of physical violence wherever he can, and not just in the media either. Citizens in a nation based on the rule of law are not supposed to be facing such intrusive and invasive political monitoring from their own leaders whatever their political flavour is, and it is this in no small part that makes the Harper Government(tm) so incredibly dangerous as well as truly anti-Canadian in every sense of the word.