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Lies and Spin, BC Liberal Style (Not on the Radar)

Christy Clark (or rather, her lackey Terry Lake) declared yesterday that the BC Government does not support the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline at this time.  Immediately, this news was plastered over all the media.  Environmental Orgs from Dogwood Initiative to Greenpeace trumpeted the news.  The War is Over!  We won!

Well, before you put down your pitchforks, I’d like you to ponder this.

Christy Clark will have to announce which safe riding she will attempt to parachute into next week.  Christy will say anything to get that seat.  Knowing that the majority of BC residents are against the project, she will use this information to her advantage, neatly disabling the opposition by pretending she is going to do what they would have done, thereby taking the wind out of their sails.

The fact remains that Clark entered into an Equivalency Agreement with the Harper Government abdicating our right to veto the project.  Also, she entered into an agreement with the Alberta Government and is on record approving the FIPPA agreement with China.

Ms Clark knows full well she can posture for the press and use taxpayer money to bribe them to copy the press releases issued by the PAB verbatim and that apparently, most people will breathe a sigh of relief and not bother to vote with such urgency against her by-election.

I feel the need to urgently ask you to remember the HST.

Not on the radar.

BC Rail.

Not on the radar.

The financial collapse of 2008.

Not on the radar.

Christy Clark was reported to have made two phone calls after her surprise election.  One to Harper and one to Redford.  Gwyn Morgan of Encana, the Manning Centre and the Fraser Institute openly backs her.

This is nothing more than a cynical attempt to lull voters into thinking that she might do the right thing.  Do not be fooled by this.  Do not allow this narrative to fool your friends and colleagues.  Call them on it.

Remember, it’s not on our radar.  Until after the by-election.

14 comments to Lies and Spin, BC Liberal Style (Not on the Radar)

  • Priscilla Judd

    Good points Kim – all of them. I’m not a betting person but it looks like the odds are in your favor.

    I seem to be part of the electorate that gets lulled by any brief let up in the regular assault on Canadian democracy (still hoping there is such a thing)

    Easy to feel that there is some sort of honour among the members of that group given the title “Honourable” or “Right Honourable”…

    There will be a huge backlash if Ms Clark flip flops – the weird thing I heard was her support for some sort of new Conrad Black development… I read it in one of your blog comments – how can that be? How can she supporting tar sand crude without supporting a pipeline? It’s all too much spin for my aging brain.

    Anyway thanks for the warning. I will be waiting…

    Kim Reply:

    That’s a David Black(Black Press) proposal, the refinery in Kitimat and it is completely without merit. Still have the pipelines of bitumen and toxic dilutent, still have the tankers, no financial plan. What could go wrong?

  • Glenna Miles

    I have been hearing something about Warren Buffett and Bill Gates preparing an alternate mode of transportation of the tar sands oil. They are said to be purchasing track and capacity in Canada for this very purpose. I suspect then that the oil sands will go to the refinery being developed by David Black. Has this crossed your path?

    Kim Reply:

    Funny, CP Rail is sueing BC for 800,000 acres of mineral and timber rights. BC Liberals first act in Government was to sell BC Rail. CP is not even a Canadian Company, and they failed to provide the Rail service stipulated in the contract.

    Ray Anderson Reply:

    With regards to CP rail sueing B.C. for 800,000 acres of timber and mineral rights;The B.C. government does not have the right or ownership of these lands.No treaties were ever signed with first nations giving ownership to the province.This government is illegitimate and only survives through peoples apathy and self serving attitudes.Native rights must be addressed.

    Kim Reply:

    Ray. I agree. I think this is why they are trying to rush treaties through right now, and trying to ram through changes to the Indian Act. Now is the time for the First Nations to assert their soveriegnty.

  • myna lee johnstone

    even Greenpeace and Bill McKibben were tweeting this news as tho it was a victory

    Kim Reply:

    I lost alot of faith in those Orgs when they endorsed Gordon Campbell’s carbon tax. Bermann and Suzuki in particular.

    It’s naive to think this is over. One reason they probably reacted that way was the opportunity to hit up their supporters for donations.

  • ron wilton

    From what I have heard and read, the NDP intend to give Ms. Clark a free ride wherever and whenever she decides to run.

    I call bullshit on this and if the NDP refuse to win their way into the leg by confronting her every attempt then surely we in the blogosphere can muster enough funding to run an opposition to her wherever she chooses.

    A strong willed candidate armed to the teeth with the facts on her dirty tricks and enough volunteers in whichever riding to knock on every door and expose her and her party for the fraud they really are.

    Did she play fair, given the financial out of province support and the cabal of federal CON servative Manning taught henchman that ‘worked’ the flaws in our system, and all of the bare faced lies and advertising that dumbfounded the uninformed electorate and the NDP surplanted braintrust?

    Hell no.

    Let’s give her back the same shit she and her pals are rubbing our faces in.

    Kim Reply:

    The NDP will run a candidate, it’s in the Constitution. How hard will they run? I don’t know. I imagine the coffers are empty. That doesn’t stop an Independant Canadidate from mounting a spirited challenge though. Hopefully, any challenger would find lots of volunteers on the ground.

  • Priscilla Judd

    Thanks for the comments – I’ve been doing a bit of reading: Turns out Alaska oil is drying up.

    Turns out: Valdez has a $7 million vessel-tracking system to track oil tanker locations between port and sea.

    Valdez has been one of America’s busiest tanker ports since North Slope oil started flowing in 1977. In 1995 – 130 tankers a month docked in Valdez to pick up Alaska’s oil, one-fourth of all U.S. oil output (at that time)

    Now, with a shortage of Alaska oil and a working tanker traffic radar system – it’s likely that Valdez Alaska wants more oil. So we could see Alberta crude going through pipes or on trains to Alaska. In fact I just found this post:

    “…though the North Slope produces vast amounts of natural gas, the oil companies have not found an economical way of transporting it out.”

    In case we didn’t know, TarSand can only be shipped by diluting it with Natural Gas.

    So my guess is that Natural gas (available in Alaska) will be sent in piplelines to Alberta and dilbit (bitumen diluted with Natural Gas) will be returned (in pipes or by rail) to Valdez for tanker shipment .

    How that fits in with a refinery in Kitimat, may be explained in the upcoming bi-election. My guess? The enviro groups are thinking along those same lines.

    As to the Harper arrangement, Ms Premier Clark can file a 30 day notice with the Federal Government to take back the pipeline review process and hold a made in BC pipeline review. Let’s hope she does that.

    Also, in the first story link above that: “…the Trans-Alaska pipeline is corroding in hundreds of places, and repairs could cost billions of dollars…”

    If the Pipeline Corporation lets the pipeline burst – pipe repairs and lost revenues for down time are covered by insurance… hardly any reason to spend billions on voluntarily repairs, is it?

    What a racket and here’s the worst news: ; 79.8 million tons of TarSand waste stockpiled in Alberta to sell to Asia (We can’t burn that stuff here cuz it doesn’t meet our emission standards) so we can sell it to Asia huh? YIKES – doesn’t our air come across the Pacific from Asia?

    It’s all too depressing!

    PS I lost your email Kim – can you please drop me a line – thanks very much – love your posts

    Kim Reply:

    Done. Thanks for the links.

  • G.J.W.

    Canada has become a, cesspool of corruption. There is no decency, ethics nor morals left in this country, what-so-ever.

    What happens if, Harper forces through the FIPA deal he made with China? That means, there will be thousands of Chinese in Canada. Harper has pretty much given China the resources and the resource jobs. China will also take the timber and the mines on, Vancouver Island, Harper was also bringing China, into the rich resources of the High Arctic as well.

    Harper’s Omnibus Bill permits China to sue Canada, if anyone blocks China’s takeover. China sued in BC, to take the mining jobs. There are nine mines and mine expansions, going into Northern BC. Chinese miners earn, $800 per month. Who will Harper give those jobs to?

    Christy works for Harper, as Campbell did before her. Christy will make it seem as though, the Enbridge pipeline was forced on her. Nor did Christy make any objection to the Chinese miners, taking the mine jobs away from BC miners.

    Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, have done far too much dirt to this province and the citizens. Trust Harper and Christy? Not on your Nelly.

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