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Haven’t Been Around Much…Here’s to hoping for a CK Come Back

Before I begin this post, I know I haven’t been around for awhile and hadn’t posted much in the past year.  Too many events happened and I won’t go into everything, at least, not at this time, but I will elaborate on a few. Since Fall, two significant events occurred:

1) My partner lost his job after working nearly 25 years for the same company.  I wish I could go into more details about this, but I can’t.  When such a thing happens, one does not just consider the financial impact of this but what comes next, particularly when over 50 years of age? My partner is still working at that — he is returning to school this spring in the hopes of a necessary career change among other things.

He is also attending a program run by Emplois Quebec called La Passerelle, which is a job search and career transition program for workers over the age of 40.  I don’t usually plug other business’s or organization’s web sites, but I will make an exception this time, in the event any mature worker from the Montreal area reading this would need their services.  Just click the link if this applies to you.

I wrote a post awhile back, just after the French language televised debate during the 2011 federal election campaign about one Muguette Paille, the woman of the hour of the French language debate,  and a friend, another older worker who faced many challenges in his own rite.  I would invite you to read it if you haven’t and/or revisit if you already have. I intend to revisit the subject of older workers suddenly finding themselves out of work.

2) After a lengthy illness, my father passed on the week-end between Christmas and New Year’s.  A retired high school teacher who was a legend in his field and positively impacted the lives of thousands of high school students from all walks of life and academic skill sets.

A union man as a regional union rep for the Montreal Teachers’ Association in the 1980s.  I had my early education about unions and management from him at a young age. Recently, I was elected as recording secretary for my union local at work.  I would hope to somehow follow in his footsteps in this regard. We’ll just wait and see, boys n girls.

With a passion for history, he was a go to man for all things American Civil war or the Middle-East and many other historical events and political systems.

Politics was a subject he loved to debate. It was fun watching him tear apart right wingnutz. I remember hearing about a moment where he and my mother ceremoniously threw one particular right wing nut (known as Rod the rat) out of their home. I wish I was there to have seen that.  Perhaps that is where I got my taste for political blogging or tweeting jabs at many others on social media outlets like Twitter.

3) Illness over the past year. Migraines and very recently, pneumonia; again. Second time since fall of 2010.

A lot of stress. I am glad 2013 is gone but 2014 has had a rocky start for me.  I hope things finally stabilize. I would like to spend more time blogging.  I can’t promise that I will, but I will make more of an effort this year.  The political climate is just too depressing and frightening these days and despair sets in.  Lord knows there is enough to write about these days though.

In general with the journalists and opinion writers and bloggers I read, I would like to see less content written about the likes of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber and more about items perhaps not as sexy but very important that all should be aware like how we’re being spied upon and discussing how we, as a society, could and/or should do about it? Or how about our democracy and all things Canadians being sold piece by piece to the Chinese and other foreign interests?

I would like to see more critical thinking instead of just swallowing the kool-aid that is being served up by Harpercons and their media cheerleaders. Stories like blaming Robocop Fantino’s recent disgusting behaviour with our veterans on unions. The general attitude seems to be that old conservative stand-by, blame the unions! In this case, Public Service Alliance of Canada.

I know, I’m probably dreaming in Technicolour.

For now, I just wanted to touch base with my readers.


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  • Kev

    Hi ck I’ve done some work with older unemployed folk so I’ll offer up no bromides, the road ahead is a difficult one on many levels. I know this first hand as well seeing my job of nearly 20 years be shipped off to Mexico at age 50.

    My condolences on the passing of your father, we like to believe we are prepared but in the end we really aren’t

    Here’s to getting back on the horse


    ck Reply:

    Thanks Kev for your condolences and input.

    I am sorry that you lost your job, something I definitely don’t wish on anyone. I remember being unemployed at 41 and finding it difficult to find work.


  • myna lee

    thanks for update and touching base


  • Beijing York

    My sincere condolences for the loss of your father, CK. Sounds like he was an amazing man and an important ally in the fight for a just society.

    As for your partner’s job loss after so many years, that really is a blow to your sense of well-being and economic confidence. I hope that service you link to and the career change training work out well. The current government would have us believe that we should be satisfied with a 2nd career as a Walmart greeter. An everlasting pox on the Harper Conservative house.

    Take care and best wishes for a better 2014.


    ck Reply:

    Thanks BY.


  • Kim

    Dear ck,

    It’s GREAT to see you again! Here’s to a kickass year at sistersagesmusings!

    So sad to hear about your Dad, it’s so aweful to lose your Dad, I know. Deepest sympathies.

    Losing ones employment at middle age is tough. I know far too many workers here in BC in that position. It’s a blow financially some never recover from, which robs them of those crucial 5 best years for their CPP. It is also a huge blow to the self esteem, so I wish your partner all the best of luck in his efforts to re-establish. My best advice to you is be kind and supportive, he really will need that.

    Glad to have you back.


    ck Reply:

    Thanks Kim. Thanks for the posts in keeping this site somewhat current.


    Kim Reply:

    Lol! Somewhat.

    I have suffered depression and demoralisation since the last BC election too. I noice many bloggers taking a break lately, posting less often. As our politicians go into an premature election cycle, I guess we’d better follow suit.


  • Hi CK….how great to see you back, I missed you so much. I’m so sorry you’ve had such a hard time and about the death of your dad. But at least your back, in this scary time we need all the strong progress voices we can get, and yours has always been AWESOME… :)


    ck Reply:

    Thanks Simon.


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