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Sell Out. End Game Edition.

Under the convenient cover of Rob Ford’s very public downward spiral this week, our governments, Provincial and Federal, have been busy dismantling our Public Trust.

First comes the news that Christie Clark has miraculously come to an agreement with her pre-election nemisis Alison Redford on pipelines through BC.  Even though none of the “conditions” have been demonstrated to be met, Christie and Alison are suddenly “in a relationship”, although I’m sure it’s complicated…

This is a complete turnaround from her pre election lies.  Par for the BC Liberal course, as demostrated by BC Rail, BC Ferries, BC Hydro, the HST, P3’s.  Christie is clearly demonstrating that her huge donors from Calgary will get what they paid for.  Unrestricted access through BC to China.  By way of tankers, pipelines and rail.

Norm Farrell over at Northern Insights has some great, well, insights into this story.

Her major problem with this vision is the people of BC.  The coastal people.  The First people.  The fishers and hunters and kayakers and hikers.  The majority of people in BC in fact, know that these schemes are not based on sound fiscal business practice or remotely generational thinking with regards to the Public Trust.  That it is in fact a takeover by corporate and Foreign Interests.  A bloodless Coup.  Watch for War in the Woods 2.0 on the coast.

As if that weren’t enough, this morning an excellent piece by Mark Hume of the G&M (passed along by the Gazetteer ) that the Agricultural Land Commission is to be folded into the Oil and Gas Commission.  The Minister quoted in the article was Bill Bennett, Minster of Energy and not the AgMin, Pimm.  Open season on what’s left of BC farmland.

I wonder if they’ll frack Flip Wilsons farm?  It won’t matter I guess after the tanker spill.  If you are wondering about the Flip Wilson reference, you haven’t been reading enough Laila Yuile.  That story is here .

Okay, that’s it for today.

I’m back…

4 comments to Sell Out. End Game Edition.

  • Owen Gray

    The public trust? Ask them what that phrase means. I’ll bet they couldn’t tell you.

    Kim Reply:

    Indeed, Owen. Like the terms Precautionary Principle, Regulate or Stewardship, none of which appear in the political lexicon.

    priscilla Judd Reply:

    And another thing… Is there any rational reason why we should go along with their title: “Honourable” ?? Seems to be they are anything but! I think we ought to challenge any continued use of that title when they are not at all honourable in thought or in action.

  • priscilla Judd

    Great post! I agree “A bloodless Coup. Watch for War in the Woods 2.0 on the coast.” and I made a video song that seems topical (warning – it’s not bloodless)

    Poppies and Crosses #drones #oil #war