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Grief, Blame and Anger


See bottom of post for an update.

Many politically active people in BC are grieving right now and there is much angst and blame being laid.  I personally have experienced this process and will be for some time to come, well, probably for the rest of my life.

I’m not sure . . . → Read More: Grief, Blame and Anger

BCNDP leadership

Tweet Advanced polling is currently underway for the leadership of the BCNDP.  Members of the party are encouraged to vote in advance at the polling website.  If you have a membership card, take a moment now and lets install the strongest leader we have, because we are going to need him.   I . . . → Read More: BCNDP leadership

Ellie Horgan for First Lady


I want my 5 readers to know that I have joined the BCNDP.  I have been pondering how to accomplish this without money.  I understood that you had to have $10.00 to join the party.  I live on a low budget.  $10.00 is out of reach until the end of the month.  I . . . → Read More: Ellie Horgan for First Lady

John Horgan to announce leadership campaign


I am very pleased to read today that John Horgan is set to announce his campaign to run for the leadership of the BCNDP tonight at a rally in his riding.  According to The Province,

Juan de Fuca MLA John Horgan will announce his entry into the leadership race at Langford’s Isabelle Reader . . . → Read More: John Horgan to announce leadership campaign

Meet John Horgan, MLA, Juan De Fuca

Tweet Mr. Horgan is my MLA in the riding of Juan De Fuca, a geographically large riding that encompasses City, suburban and rural areas.  John is also the NDP energy critic.  You can read his bio here.    Over the years, as I became politically aware, I have been writing letters to politicians.  My . . . → Read More: Meet John Horgan, MLA, Juan De Fuca

My wish list for the people of BC.

Tweet Hello friends, I have been making my list and checking it twice.    Firstly, I wish Phil Hochstein would call off his attack on the people of British Columbia.  Gary E. has the story at How Bad is the Record.  FightHST is recommending a boycott of member companies of Independant Contractors and Business . . . → Read More: My wish list for the people of BC.