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It’s Spring. Sharpen Your Pitchforks.


This is it folks. Now is the time. We cannot afford to wait for some future theoretical Election to happen, where the outcome will do nothing to change the trajectory of turning Canada into a kleptocracy.

Let’s face some facts here. Even if the country, at least the 70% of the . . . → Read More: It’s Spring. Sharpen Your Pitchforks.

For Stephane Dion, a Quick Math Lesson/Thoughts on Separation


I only like democracy when the numbers are in my favor.

Stephane Dion penned an op-ed for the National Post. (there’s an odd combination) detailing how the NDP’s position on Quebec separation, detailed in the Sherbrooke Declaration, threatens national unity.

There is one quote I want to draw specific attention to, which to . . . → Read More: For Stephane Dion, a Quick Math Lesson/Thoughts on Separation

Back Home (or) Oh How Things Have Changed


Hey Musers and readers. Just a short post to tell everyone that I’m finally back in Canada, feet firmly planted on the soil that is my home. I do plan on heading back into the frey over in Asia in a couple of months, but for now I’m here.

A few comments . . . → Read More: Back Home (or) Oh How Things Have Changed

FCM Lauds NDP Platform


Today the president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities lauded the NDP platform for it’s commitment to invest in real solutions for Canadian cities. Below is the letter posted to the FCM website for your perusal。 This is great news, as no party has yet to fully dedicate themselves to the betterment of . . . → Read More: FCM Lauds NDP Platform

Will The Government Fall?


Well folks, here it is for you in black and white right from the order paper for March 25th 2011:

Opposition Motion

March 23, 2011 — Mr. Ignatieff (Etobicoke—Lakeshore) — That the House agree with the finding of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs that the government is in contempt of . . . → Read More: Will The Government Fall?

That Sinking Feeling?

Now I know many who support the NDP, like myself, get bent out of shape when we see the leader of our national party bailing on this ideals. The fact remains, however, that there is little the NDP could actually do to get these cuts changed. They have been enacted into law, thanks to the Liberals again, and changing that legislation is not something that I think is even politically possible, let alone legislatively possible given the Tory majority in the Senate. So what choices did Jack have, and what has he really done here? . . . → Read More: That Sinking Feeling?

NDP Seeks To Create Opportunity For Progressive Choice


I was waiting for this. Granted, it came much sooner then I planned, but it came. Iggy has once again given his ultimatum to the Conservatives, saying that they will vote against their budget if it contains another corporate tax cut. You’d think that Iggy would have learned from the fall of 2009, . . . → Read More: NDP Seeks To Create Opportunity For Progressive Choice

Year In Review: The Year The Public Disengaged


This has been one sad year in Canadian politics. Allan Greg said it best when choosing the political moment of the year on the At Issue Panel this past Thursday: “…put’s us in worlds tallest pygmy territory.” No truer a statement has been said by a political pundit. That being said, I have . . . → Read More: Year In Review: The Year The Public Disengaged