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Back Home (or) Oh How Things Have Changed

Hey Musers and readers. Just a short post to tell everyone that I’m finally back in Canada, feet firmly planted on the soil that is my home. I do plan on heading back into the frey over in Asia in a couple of months, but for now I’m here.

A few comments before I let you guys goes. I was amazed at the election results as many others were. My main takeaway, as has been since I started paying attention to elections, was that pollsters are ALWAYS WRONG WRONG WRONG. Not a single pollster showed a majority and not one came anywhere near predicting a Bloc collapse.

The election night was a bitter sweet one for me. For one my party, the NDP sores to heights that eve I had never thought possible. 102 members, a huge caucus from Quebec (I will comment more about what I think this means for my party later) and official opposition status (tied with Joe Clark for the largest in history).

It was bitter because I knew that once again the split along the left allowed the Conservatives to win. We need to abandon this notion of strategic-voting. We have attempted to use it to block Harper for the past three elections and it has not worked out well. The fact that this time despite our best efforts, we got handed e majority should tell us that this pet of ours on the left needs to be put to sleep.

But I’m happy that we have huge resources now and that finally there are clear distinctions in Canada for people to choose from. For too long the Liberals and Conservatives have occupied the same ground and fought for the same votes. The thing I always admired about Conservatives is that they were truthful in their long-term goals. The Liberals always pretended to be leftists but were really ruled by the right. So finally Canadians have a real choice. I say good riddance to the Liberals and may they rest in peace. Time for the NDP to syphon off the leftists in the party who can finally give up on the ideologically insignificant Liberals.

For me, I have moved into the communications portfolio of my local riding association. I will be tackling the HST, health and other issues along the way for the NDP in my riding. As well, I will be presenting an E-COMM strategy for our riding as we look to a possible election in BC this fall.

So I’m home and couldn’t be happier. I like teaching abroad but damn it we live in the best country on the planet and I’m always happy to be back in it.

7 comments to Back Home (or) Oh How Things Have Changed

  • ck

    Welcome back to this side of the pond!

  • Donna

    With Harper’s majority, we will be fortunate if we get to keep our country. He has pretty much handed Canada over, to the wealthiest corporations in the world.

    Wikileaks said, they were just waiting for Harper’s majority to begin implementing the N.A.U. Which Wikileaks said, is only months away. We will be known as the MexCanEricans, our currency will be, the Amero dollar. The European Union is a disaster. They want to close their borders, they are going to be overrun by Africans, fleeing from the terrible wars there. The Americans, are afraid they will be overrun by Mexicans. I guess Canada could be overrun as well. I guess, it’s a wait and see, as to what our fate will be.

    Logan Reply:

    Wow. What batcrappery is this? There will be no north american monetary union, though there should be, and Europe wont be overrun by Africans. Wow, I dont actually think I’m going to respond to this craziness.

    ck Reply:

    North American monetary union? Hun? They can keep their debt and financial deregulation, thanks. The Euro has been a failure.

    And Europe won’t be overrun by Africans?? Huh?? Uh, thank gawd for small favours?

    I simply welcomed you back home.

    ck Reply:

    Oops! Sorry, didn’t see Donna’s post.

  • Logan

    I thank u for welcoming me back. Mone of what I said was directed at u CK, but at Donnas strange ramblings.

  • Logan

    Ive said it before, but I have faith that the EU will work. Hundreds of years of killing, raping and back and forth domination, they will work it out.