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The Quebec Election and What It Means


Let’s get the first fact out of the way: separatists are the government in the province of Quebec.

Now that that’s on the table let’s disband any fear of a referendum by stating some facts upfront: the Bloc Quebecois is less then a shell of it’s former self in the House of Commons, . . . → Read More: The Quebec Election and What It Means

Vive Le Quebec Libre!


Layton will learn how useless he’ll be in Harperland.  He’ll be outvoted everytime because of a majority.   Layton now spouting about retirement security and public health care in Canada. Ha! He’ll get squat!! Layton, gonna make change happen? Oh yeah, change will happen, but it’ll be a neo-con utopia in Stevie’s vision. . . . → Read More: Vive Le Quebec Libre!