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Mr. Kathy Shaidle’s Blazin’ Cat Fur Bein’ Rubbed The Wrong Way?

More like the other way around. Congratz, Arnie, couldn’t a happened to a nicer guy! Yes, boys ‘n’ girls, it seems that Mr. Kathy Shaidle has pissed off the wrong person or people these days; he is getting sued! Gee, Arnie, why so glum? Wifey seems to be an expert at getting sued, why not defer to her expertise?  Besides, isn’t getting slapped with a libel suit like a badge of honour for you bigotted neo-cons? I mean, is getting sued the mother load of a prize for being the most offensive, and isn’t that what you and your ilk strive for at the end of the day?

And yes, Mr. Shaidle appears to be quite desperate.  His wife and Wendy “girl on the Wrong” Sullivan seem to have taught him the fine art of begging, well .   The welfare bums who are unemployable.  Doesn’t begging go against your conservative sensibilities?  As soon as I saw that, I couldn’t help but remember JJ’s  beggar themed blog site she designed potentially for Ezzy Levant .   Just take out Ezzy’s mug shot and name and insert those of Mr. Kathy Shaidle, instead.

Pic by JJ

I’m with Big City Lib on this, Mr. Shaidle musta really pissed off  Richard Warman. One question, if Richard Warman is suing Mr. Shaidle for linking to, then why isn’t Mark Steyn, or whoever the webmaster of being sued as well?

H/T Jymn at LFR

8 Responses to “Mr. Kathy Shaidle’s Blazin’ Cat Fur Bein’ Rubbed The Wrong Way?”

  • Jymn :

    What a bunch of pussies. They beg yet they knock street beggars. Weird.

  • Paul:

    We stand together, or fall seperately. Sheesh, you’d think “progressives” would get that. I have yet to see Shaidle ask for a government hand-out, the typical “progressive” solution. We’ll give because we feel the cause is worthy, not because some bureaucrat/ tax collector is making us pay for a service we find useless (I’m looking at you CBC).
    And street beggars? If you can get people to give you “money for nothing”, why wouldn’t you? See you on the streets, I’ll carry some loonies for you.

  • Jymn :

    No thanks, I earn my money by working, not by blog-begging. The right sticks together because you need shields for protection when you guys bash minorities, make racist taunts and engender hatred of Muslims. And then you bail out guilty bloggers when they’re called on it. Talk about rewarding evil.

    Glad you support begging on the streets for doing nothing. Plans?

    I’ll give you this, you can spell and put a sentence together which is more than one can say for most Conservatives.

  • JJ :

    While I understand the schadenfreude , I don’t care for this litigious turn that the blogosphere has been taking in the last couple of years. Some of these suits seem more designed to break people financially (by having to defend themselves) than to right any actual wrong — pure punishment, a hallmark of authoritarianism. IMO doesn’t bode well for online freedom of speech.

  • Paul:

    I don’t think you got the point. I’m all for voluntary collectivism (may I coin a phrase- collectionism?), not mandatory, state-directed redistribution of property. If you want to give your, I assume hard-earned, money to whatever cause you feel is appropriate, fill your boots. I don’t see Shaidle calling his MP and asking for money from those who do not support this cause. THAT’S the difference between Shaidle and “progressives”.

  • ck:

    Excuse me, La Shaidle has been living off a gov’t grant so “she can write full time” since 1991; gov’t hand out! What part of that do you not get??

  • Paul:

    I’m sorry, I missed the part where we were discussing La Femme Shaidle. I will re-read the posts to find where it went off on a tangent.
    Nope, didn’t see it.

  • ck:

    Proof high school is a terrible thing to waste…a true illiterate Sun Media reader…I don’t have time to teach reading comprehension today.

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