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Be Heard On March Third: Say No To Stealth Fighters, the public arm of the Rideau Institute, in conjunction with has stated that March 3rd is the official day of action for all those who want to speak out against the purchase of Stealth Fighters by the Conservative Canadian government. If you want to be kept in the loop, go to and add your email to be kept in contact. To be part of th day of action, send an email to all the official opposition leaders, your MP, the Minister of Defence and the Prime Minister to voice your disgust for this wrong headed policy and the intensification of the Military Industrial Complex in Canada. is hoping to get 5,000 messages out to Harper and other MP’s.  I have personally emailed the Min of Defense, every opposition leader, the PM and my own MP regarding this file. I have received talking points from my MP (not surprising he’s a Harper Con through and through) and have received the same from others in the Ministry. Still, we must keep this issue alive and not allow our anger to diminish. We in the electorate have a tendency to get angry at the outset, but settle into aggrieved apathy. Don’t sit on your hands and do nothing this time. Write to your MP on March 3rd and let them know that spending billions of dollars on Stealth Fighters is not your idea of sound, strong and practical fiscal and social policy. Tell them where you would rather this money go (health care, pharmacare, affordable housing, you name it).

Most importantly, don’t give up. The more we sit back and allow the corporate controlled Conservative government bend the rules and control us the more we will lose, slowly but surly, the very democratic institutions that this country was founded on.

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