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Didn’t Know Toronto Was a Country–Fordzilla Looks for a Gravy Train to Embark

Apparently, it is now. Ask Rob Fordzilla .

“If they choose not to help us, I have no other choice but to get out, as I call [it], Ford nation and make sure they are not re-elected in the next election. But I do not want to do that,” Ford said. ( Bold is mine)

But Rob, of course you want to campaign against McGuinty or any other Liberal in Toronto and rest of Ontario!  I think McGuinty knows that and it could well have factored into his decision.

The above quote was basically, Mayor “Get off the Gravy Train” Ford in an interview with Newstalk 1010 (yes, he granted a media interview! Musta been the Redneck Ryan and Tarek Fatah show or some other equally right wingnut show) in response to Premier Dalton McGuinty not allowing Fordzilla to get on his gravy train.

Earlier today, Big City Lib was wondering if Timmy Hudak would  let Ford on his Gravy Train if elected? By the looks of things, Timmy seems pretty non-committal.  Me thinks Timmy is looking to play a game of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch your’s…depending, of course, if Timmy actually wins the election this Fall.

Either way, boys ‘n’ girls, I think we just learned about Ford’s budget cutting method–turf the budgetary responsibilities to the province or privatize it.

Yanno, Rob, if  Toronto is now a nation, named after you, no less, why don’t you finance it yourself??

Sidenote: Just one question, when Gilles Duceppe attempts to ‘blackmail’ the Harpercons, it’s considered treasonous, terrible, etc.  and when Rob Ford does it to Dalton McGuinty, well, it seems to be ok; not nearly the venomous reaction?  Again, what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander.

3 comments to Didn’t Know Toronto Was a Country–Fordzilla Looks for a Gravy Train to Embark

  • Torontonian

    Ford was interviewed on CFRB by a sycophant called
    Jerry Agar Agar, CFRB, et al, are shameless defenders
    of Ford–and have been so for more than a year.

    Ford knew it would be a sympathetic interview given
    Agar’s shameless libertarianism.

    “Daddy Millions” doesn’t like most of the media and
    lets his brother handle all the skill testing
    questions–at least, if he decides to answer them at all.

    Not the brightest bunch of brothers. I’m sure they
    have a minder to wipe off their chins after meals and
    keep them from embarrassing themselves–too much.

    ck Reply:

    I’m sure both Fordzilla brothers need bibs or they would dip their neckties in all that gravy.

    Didn’t know about Jerry Agar. He sounds delightful.

  • Mark Francis

    Someone should remind Ford that the gravy train is over.

    What a hypocrite.

    I see that Ford’s first budget is the largest ever in Toronto’s history. It was supposed to be 2.5% lower than the last. Campaign promise busted.