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Christy, what are you thinking? BC Liberals hire Harper aide and Enbridge lobbyist Ken Boessenkool as chief of staff.

If you ever wanted to know which side of the political spectrum the BC ‘Liberals’ fall, it’s pretty obvious by now it’s neither centre nor left. When a supposed centre-left political party hires a lobbyist whose previous tenure involved working as senior policy advisor and strategist to Stephen Harper and lobbying for Enbridge and Suncor, you know it has gone off the rails (emphasis mine).

Boessenkool, currently a public policy consultant and an executive fellow at the University of Calgary, also served as a policy advisor to two Alberta finance ministers.

According to the Registry of Lobbyists, Boessenkool has lobbied the federal government on behalf of many corporations and organizations, including Enbridge , GlaxoSmithKline, Rio Tinto, SNC Lavalin Nuclear, Suncor Energy , Pfizer Canada, and Taser International.

Damn fine credentials, no? Does this mean the BC Liberals are looking to not only go along with the federal Conservatives on the Northern Gateway Project but to lobby for it, too?

Conservative bloggers in BC, as evidenced by BC Blue, are not happy either. They should be.

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5 comments to Christy, what are you thinking? BC Liberals hire Harper aide and Enbridge lobbyist Ken Boessenkool as chief of staff.

  • Logan

    I’ll tell you exactly what Ms. Clark is thinking: Harper’s divide and conquer strategy has worked out well for him, so now it’s her turn. Just look at the Risky Dix advert that just came out. Right out of Harper playbook.

  • Damien Gillis

    On a related note, here’s my recent story on the connections between the Harper Government and

  • Julie

    I don’t think Christy had a choice, Boessnekool was likely forced on her. Harper is frantic, to force the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tar tankers into Kitimat BC. All Joe Oliver did was anger the BC people even more with his lies, as Enbridge did by saying, the BC people are coming around to the idea of their pipeline. That is a blatant lie.

    There is no such thing as “ethical” oil, it’s all bad. Instead of investing in renewable energy, Harper is out to pollute the entire planet. In Durban, there was a strong indication, country’s were taking global warming very, very seriously. Harper of course, used that meeting to try and bully country’s into accepting the dirty tar.

    There are thousands of BC citizens, supporting the F.N. There is no way, the BC people want our beautiful Orca and Humpback Whales to be driven out of the Douglas Channel. There are thousands of species of marine life in that channel. People from all over the world come here to whale watch. Nor do we want the rain forests disturbed. That’s where the Spirit Bears and the unique small wolves live. People from all over, also come to Bear watch.

    It’s bad enough with Campbell thieving and selling our rivers, what a mess that made of important salmon runs. Harper and Campbell also permitted, filthy diseased fish farms, that are also killing our salmon.

    Harper should state, whether BC is now Conservative or what? We know Falcon did, a major suck up to Harper. Campbell was very much rewarded, for doing Harper’s dirty work for him. Perhaps that’s what Falcon also wants.

  • Kim

    The BC Liberals and the Harper Crime Ring are two sides to the same coin. They all work for the same Gods.

    Boessenkool, Harper, Levant, all of the criminals come from the same bastion of higher learning, the Calgary School. Interesting reading,

    Ken Boessenkool, according to our friend Sean Holman’s archives, was Christy’s Campaign Manager until he passed the reins to Mike MacDonald on Dec. 13, 2010.

    A google search reveals he is associated with The Manning Centre for Democracy and the Calgary School as well as being a long term term lobbyist for Enbridge and Steven Harpers operative.

    It seems that the Calgary School of Economics has taken over Canada.
    EthicalOil’s Levant, Kathryn blonde bobblehead (who’s husband works for Harper), all one big happy crime family.

  • Cheryl Dendoff

    What the heck? The Liberal Party has always, for decades, been known, and self proclaimed, as a right wing party. Do not confuse that fact with the meaning of the word ‘ liberal’, which is a left wing term, therefore, the term liberal is considered left wing in the USA. Are you American or are you from Ontario, where, I swear to God, you people are completely influenced by Americans? No wonder you are so foreign to, us, Westerners. Let me explain, Canadians are so liberal that the Liberal party is a right wing party. The true liberally minded people are the NDP, who care about the working people. The Liberal Party is a right wing party that cares about the corporations making lots of money, the Conservatives are an extremist right wing party that only cares about themselves and their own twisted (Republican) agenda. I have been aware of this for two decades! Was everyone born yesterday?!?!