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The Spirit of Conservative Giving

Cartoon Representation May Not Be 100% Accurate, Much Like Adler's Own Musings

After reading a recent post by resident cranky old man of Sun News Network Charles Adler I decided to take Adler’s advice; write a letter to the PM.

I’ve of course done this before, but never in this vein. I decided to go with my most honest and sincere voice, very much the voice I would use if I were talking to you face to face. Usually I would write in a more professional manner and while I did avoid name calling I decided to just be me in this most recent missive.

Will I get a response? Doubtful. Do I care? No. Here it is:

Hello Mr. Prime Minister

At the urging of Charles Adler of Sun News Network I am emailing you regarding the radical charities that exist in Canada. Charles wrote in a recent column how these charities, this motley crew of whiner and takers, should be reined in and stopped from suckling at the teat, as it were.
At this point I’d like to point out that I think Mr. Adler is completely nuts. His little platform on a TV show nobody watches is his proverbial soap box from which he pretends to spout “Canadian Common Sense” but most Canadians who know anything about Adler know he’s simply a curmudgeonly old man, no different from the caricature of the old man on the porch chasing away the kids playing too close to his yard. He don’t like them kids with there rock music!!
On to what you have done. Your approach to charities is one where you prefer individualized donations to replace what the central government can do. Better to leave it to the individual then be a responsible government. Adler makes it sound like the government is shoveling money at charities in a big way but, as usual, the reality is far removed from his own. Charities have seen less and less giving as the government and personal incomes (saving specifically) have decreased, especially since your term as PM. No surprise to hear Adler agreeing with you that we should stop funding charities and leave it to the individuals. This exact move will likely cripple these charities that do nothing but good and advocate for the lease visible in society.
But as we both know, and Mr. Adler as well, you’ve never cared much for the least visible, and care much more about supporting the haves in our society. Adler wont say it, but he’s in the same boat, regardless of how he passes himself off.
So ignore this email as I’m sure you and whomever staffer you have reading this will, but know that those of my own persuation will continue to advocate for the government to support the good and noble work of charities in Canada. And know that we will fight you ever step of the way as you continue to try to dismantle the very fabric of a just and caring society that we have created.
Yours truly,
Ryan L. Painter
Canadian Ex-Pat currently living in Zhengzhou, China

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