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Christy Clark Will Answer Questions When She’s Damn Good and Ready, Thank You!

What? You expect me to be Premier EVERYDAY?

Thanks to the Vancouver Sun for linking this telling video where newly minted Director of Communications Sara MacIntyre tells reporters essentially that having answered questions yesterday, questions today were off limits . This brings back memories of an election not so long ago when media were relegated to five questions of the Prime Minister. Expect soon media in BC to have to fully vet their questions through the communications branch of the BC government. It happened federally with MacIntyre and Dimitry Soudas.

Often I can recall Clark saying her government was open and accountable (how often did Harper say the same thing). This new appointment, and the video above, prove her premiership is how anything but.

Additional Sources

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2 comments to Christy Clark Will Answer Questions When She’s Damn Good and Ready, Thank You!

  • Gloria

    We will have to remember. Herr Harper’s henchman Boessenkool, is probably advising Christy, as he advised Harper. Run from any confrontation and hide from the media. The media is the governments propaganda machines, so I don’t know why Christy was dodging them. The media has always been biased towards the people not, the Campbell/Clark/Boessenkool/Harper Reformers of the Northern Foundation Party.

  • Oemissions

    it’s kindof like “No Sugar Tonite”!