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the Election Officer shuffle…

As many people are shocked to learn that the Commissioner of Elections Canada suddenly retired in the midst of the most important investigation in Elections Canada’s history, I can only shake my head as Harper has torn another page from the Gordon Campbell BC Liberal’s playbook.  We will possibly never know how William Corbett came to his decision to retire on the eve of claiming an important place in our history, but I’m willing to bet that it involved a large payout, a cushy “position” on a Board of Directors and a confidentiality clause.
Many moons ago, I wrote a letter to Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer pointing out to him how Gordon Campbell improperly appointed Craig James as BC’s Chief Electoral Officer.  You can read about it here .  The whole thing was highly suspect in it’s implementation, just as the recall intitiative on the HST was ramping up.
Our suspicions were borne out to be correct, as Mr. James subsequently ruled in favour of the Campbell regime at every opportunity, ruling against the peoples initiative at every turn.  Christy Clark was even allowed to Campaign during Polling in the by-election that she allegedly won to be vaulted to the top job, right outside a Polling Station.  Highly illegal, unless you own the supposedly arms-length Electoral Office.  She got away with that too, thanks to Campbell’s illegal appointment of an Acting Chief Electoral Officer.
For the rest of Canada, I would like to say that it’s over.  Democracy, that is.  If we ever really had it.
My advice is to appeal to the UN to moniter the next election.
Not even kidding…

12 comments to the Election Officer shuffle…

  • IJ

    Shake your head? Pick up your pitchfork and march on Ottawa! The address is 24 Sussex Drive. You’re welcome.

    Kim Reply:

    @IJ. If I could afford the ferry to get off the island, I would!

  • kootcoot

    It would certainly make a difference if anybody was paying attention other than a few of us bloggers and our readers. The forces of evil just do the same old same old over and over again and pretend everything is just fine!

    Forget UN monitors of the election, though I agree it would be appropriate, but these guys (the PsuedoCons) don’t think we should even be a member of the UN, much less actually pay attention to anything it might say about anything (except when it gives Generalissimo Harper a chance to play soldier against some defenseless third world country with the help of the Empire’s Army).

    Kim Reply:

    @Kootcoot. Imagine how irked Harper would be to have the UN moniter our elections? The way things are going, they would come.

  • Priscilla Judd

    Hi Kim,
    Did you know that we have Canadian election monitors who go to other countries to oversee and ensure democratic elections take place? Why not hire them to be our independent watchdog? If they are good enough for other countries – why not us?

    Here’s another idea: Sing our way to the next election. Starting now, up to and after Canada Day adopt a song – this particular one: Whenever we gather together we can sing this song until all the voters who don’t know about the corruption in Harperland – find out.

    It’s a simple song – it could become a movement – people just popping up singing for Canada – Choirs, demonstrators, MPs, Church Pastors, Ministers – hey why not? It’s never been done before. Nationalism does not belong to Mr.Harper – it’s ours. We are Canada. People will write more songs but this one is the one to start with.

    We will be putting up a website for posting videos of people singing O Canada – the protest song. This is our time to build a new road. No looking back – March onward for the commons – sing for our future.


    Kim Reply:

    Hi Priscilla, I saw your excellent song/video at Laila Yuile’s site! I encourage everyone to follow the link above and learn this great song. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mogs

    I think this news from “New World Order Blueprint Leaked” = “corporate global governance” explains to me harper is a crass craven treasonous **** who will quash all opposition to this new world corporatist fascism he is embracing. Kevin Page will most likely unfortunately be next, I shudder.


    “Pick up your pitchfork and march on Ottawa!”

    Kim Reply:

    Great links, thank you. Not just the Asia free trade agreement, but all of them…CETA, NAFTA…all of them are designed to transfer power from Sovereign States to the Corporations and their lawyers.

    Mogs Reply:

    Ya now you know we have been sold out as slaves to the highest bidder and harper is the auctioneer. What kills me is that any environmental damage these mega corps make while extracting our resources and profiting in the billions we get saddled with the clean up bill? Uh some how I missed the pole shift when the world toppled on its axis and corporate greed became the New Masters of the universe.!

    Kim Reply:

    @Mogs, as near as I can calculate, the beginning of the end was 1974, when PET changed the bank Act and started borrowing money from the commercial banks. That is when the power started to concentrate in the PMO and the middle class started to erode.

  • Mogs

    its mindbending how a fellow on a quest to find out why so many of his students turned to drugs…

    Came up with the video you posted

    Kim Reply:

    Another great link! I’ve shared it on fb. Thanks.