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My letter to Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer

I emailed this letter to Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer this morning.  I would encourage other BC Voters to do the same !
The BC Government (under Gordon Campbell’s direction, but allowed to stand by Christy Clark) has unilaterally appointed an Acting Chief Electoral Officer, Mr. Craig James.

Since his appointment, Mr. James has repeatedly sided with the government in decisions regarding the Citizen’s Initiative to block the implementation of the HST.

Mr. James immediately fired 2 very experienced and exemplary electoral officers.

He has made several mistakes regarding the HST, worded the question on the referendum in a very confusing way, allowed the referendum to be conducted via Canada Post and made no concessions with regards to the Lockout at Canada Post.

He also, upon learning that Christy Clark clearly violated the Elections Act during the recent Vancouver/Point Grey by-election by campaigning within the perimeter of a Voting Place, when she had no legal reason to be there. Mr. James decided to overlook the transgression of the Law.

The voters of BC were angered by these actions, and many, myself included, sent letters and emails to Mr. James demanding that he resign.  We were accused of sending hate mail.

Just last week the BC Finance Department sent out an “information package” for voters, which was actually partisan propaganda and on the credits at the back of the mailer, it was incorrectly identified as coming from Elections BC.

I have obtained a letter where, in his own words, he outlines proudly his plan to facilitate access to Parliaments for business clients through his work for the World Bank.  In fact, shortly after his appointment as ACEO he took a sabbatical to attend a conference for the WB.  This does not strike me as the work of an impartial Officer of the Electoral Process.

The overall impression that BC voters are left with is that this man’s legacy is the corruption of a once proud Electoral Agency.  I feel, as a citizen of BC and Canada, that corruption has infiltrated our most sacred and basic right to self determination.  Our right to vote and have that vote counted impartially .

In light of these facts, I urge you, I implore you to investigate the actions of BC’s Acting Chief Electoral Officer, Mr. Craig James and all of the actions he has undertaken since his appointment to this position.  Act quickly, because Mr. James has already accepted a lucrative Parliamentary position and evidence tends to disappear quickly here.

I require a response to this request.  Thank you for your solemn attention to this matter,

14 comments to My letter to Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer

  • kootcoot

    Good luck with this, it ain’t as if the HarperCons are all that enthused about a “non-partisan” election process either. With them if you get away with it (in and out, trying to steal ballot boxes, robo calls last time in Ms. May’s riding and lots more) and win, then it must be OKAY!

    as to:

    “Act quickly, because Mr. James has already accepted a lucrative Parliamentary position and evidence tends to disappear quickly here.

    This new reward position for the insufferable Mr. James is also supposed to be and used to be a non-partisan appointment made with the agreement and consultation of ALL parties in the legislature. But in typical Campbell/Clark crime family tradition, he was simply shoved through with closure impending in the Ledge that meets briefly, every now and then.

    Things are really rich this morning with the pro-HST forces having the utter gall to accuse Mr. VanderZalm of lying, as if their whole campaign wasn’t about as factual as H.P Lovecraft! How’s about Premier Snooki and her gang claiming that the tax is already down two points, so to vote yes would be to vote for raising taxes? Even the insulting stick people on the people’s opiate (TeeVee) make this claim numerous times daily.

  • May Mickelow

    There is something both of you forgot, there is the matter of the word count that Mr. Craig CHANGED AFTER the recall people registered their intention to act to recall one of the Liberal sitting and elected members of the legislature in BC last fall. About November 2010.

  • Wayne

    Cristy crunch has reduced the HST to 10%
    What stops her from raising the HST to 12, 15, 20%?

  • I know, Kootcoot, I know…I had to try.

  • Kim

    Christy hasn’t in fact reduced the HST at all. She has promised to, in 2 years, assuming she gets a mandate and assuming that she has completely sworn off Liberal lies. There is nothing stopping her from changing it, except approval from Ottawa, because that is where our taxation decisions will be made.

    Yes, I remember that May, maybe you could include it in your letter demanding an investigation?

  • ron wilton

    Not to mention his own admission of working for other organizations including the World Bank, which is not allowed under the terms of employment while Chief Electoral Officer.

    His predecessor and his logically qualified successors were turfed without cause or explanation.
    In James’ case we have an abundance of cause and reason for termination, but instead he gets a plum partisan political appointment.

    Hopefully he will be unceremoniously booted out on his wimpy ass without compensation after the next provincial election.

    Kim Reply:

    Exactly. How about everyone write a letter demanding an investigation? Giving all of these excellent reasons. The link to the email form is in the article above.

  • Donna

    The HST was a scam by, Campbell, Hansen and Harper, to benefit big business. The HST was not created, for the good of the citizens. That was not the intention, of the HST. You would have to be, as brain dead as Martyn Brown, to believe the HST was good for the BC people.

    BC has done the worst of all the western provinces. On TV it was said, BC did not gain any jobs, while the other provinces did. All the HST provinces are failing.

    Where is the money, Campbell and Hansen said we would save, by the merits of the HST? Christy’s family’s first mantra, is just another BC Liberal lie. The HST has hurt more family’s, seniors and low income people, than all the other taxes put together.

    BC still has the highest number of children living in poverty. BC still has, the lowest minimum wage in Canada. BC has the highest cost of living. Gas prices sky high. Food costs up 15%. Another rise in the carbon tax, July 1st. Hydro going up to 53% higher. BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. The BC Liberals, is the most corrupt party, ever known in this country.

    All the HST has done, is drive up costs. So, cut the crap Christy, you are just as guilty of using dirty lying tactics, against the people, as Campbell was.

  • Gloria

    Craig James of Elections BC, is a friend of Campbell’s. Campbell got rid of the two honest members of Elections BC, and installed James to do his dirty work and indeed, how dirty James work was.

    This is why I don’t believe, the referendum will go in favor of the BC people. This is why, I don’t believe Christy won Point Grey either. We have caught Elections BC, in corruption before.

    There is a lot of anger in BC, seething, just beneath the surface. I won’t be surprised, if the anger blows up. The BC people, have had it with the BC Liberals, lies, deceit, corruption, unfair taxes, thefts and cheating to win.

  • Connie

    This was the reply I received from Elections Canada:

    FILE: 368128

    We thank you for your e-mail of June 19, 2011 relating to the provincial election in British Columbia.

    Elections Canada is an independent body responsible for the conduct of federal elections and referendums. Consequently, further action regarding your comments is beyond Elections Canada’s mandate.

    However, links to provincial governments can be found on our Web site. Scroll down the next page and, under the heading Contact Information for Provincial and Territorial Web Sites, you will find the individual listings for the provincial governments.

    For more information about the Canadian federal electoral system, visit our Web site ( or call 1 800 463 6868, toll free in Canada and the United States. Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).

    Public Enquiries Unit
    Elections Canada

    Kim Reply:

    So, we’re on our own. Like the Provincial government would help!

    Do we need to write the Queen? Not much chance she would do anything.

    I guess it’s time to take matters into our own hands then, if that’s all that’s left for us. Sharpen your pitchforks.

  • Leah

    There’s a little “something” about the HST that most people have forgotten…and that is…BC no longer has the ability to set its own tax rate. We handed that right over to Ottawa, when the HST was brought in.

    It does NOT matter what Christy “Carbon Copy” Clark has to say about lowering the HST…SHE can’t do it. WE can’t do it. Only Stephen Harper can do it. Being as he rewarded his pal Gordo with the lucrative High Commissioner to Britain post…does anyone believe he will do “anything” but screw us more than he already has? Make no mistake, this HST is courtesy of Stephen Harper…acting head of The Canadian Government.

  • Kim

    I have not forgotten. As they say in Quebec. “Je mais souviens” (I hope I spelled that correctly!)

    ck Reply:

    “Je me souviens”