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Dear Ol’ Baggy Babs

No, boys and girls, I am not talking about ol’ Babs Kay…this time. I’m a talkin’ about Connie Blah Blah Black’s other half, Babs Amiel.

It goes like this.

Dear Babs,
Just finished reading your recent trash in Maclean’s.  Thanks to you now, I have indigestion.  I have read from many apologists for the likes of the Steubenville rapists, sexual harrassment and of course, ol’ Tommy Flanagan and other such depravity.  But, your’s, you sociopathic bitch, really  goes lower than low. You are filth. No, I take that back, you are worse than filth. Filth won’t even stick to you you’re so disgusting.

Are you suggesting that women, particularly young women who dress in revealing clothing and may even get plastered should be open season?

Are you suggesting that feminism is to blame?

Are you also suggesting that the invention of birth control and abortion are to blame?

Worse, are you suggesting that child sex abuse  is only abuse because we (sane decent people that is) as a society put too much of a taboo on it? Are you suggesting that children might acually enjoy being molested if we all turned our backs and said this was ok?

You are the dregs of humanity, but I suppose this is a compliment for you.

That is all.


PS: Editors of Maclean’s, you are just as culpable for allowing this trash to even see the light of day. And spare me the free speach gobbledegook.

7 comments to Dear Ol’ Baggy Babs

  • Kim

    I loved this comment, following the article…

    “It’s like you entered a contest to be the worst person of the week. Rape-apologist, pedophile porn Oking, sexual harassment trolling..I don’t even know where to start with you. Go home Barbara, you’re drunk.”

    That pretty much nailed it.

    ck Reply:

    Heh! Somebody suggested they were going to line their cat’s litter box with that trash. I suggested that she not do that. Think of the poor kitty exposed to that depravity.

  • Kim

    Maclean’s is toast.

  • Okie

    “a world in which we are enthralled—anguished, enticed, bombarded—by the spectacle of the sexual child.”

    “But to compensate, we’ve hung our opprobrium on a few minor vices. ”

    Have read a few reactions from the so called intelligentsia in defense of Flanagan and it makes me wonder what those people do with themselves in private and when they gather together for relaxation and entertainment.

    The (her) defensive reaction to the football player situation could be seen in a number of ways, but I can’t see any that would be positive. It’s as if they (she) thinks because someone is incapacitated, and especially because it’s largely, if not wholly due to their own actions, then it’s ok to commit any number of vile acts against them. Can’t see that and especially with a teenager or any child. I hesitated to use the word child in this instance because the legal definition for a child in their teens has become so murky.

    Overall I find her defense of personal freedoms, while musing society has gone too far with many social issues and associated freedoms, a confused position. As confusing as her husband writing reasonably lucid columns for the National Post when he was in the hooscow, and the slew of far right wing gibberish he’s turned out since his release.

  • Dr.Dawg

    WAY OT, but what happened to Jymn?

  • kootcoot

    It is unbelievable what MacLeans has turned into! It isn’t any wonder that the old Ted Byfield empire of crap magazines (BC Report, Alberta Report, etc.) isn’t necessary anymore…’s Macleans completely blows them out of the water for being disgustingly biased and poorly written.

  • kootcoot

    “As confusing as her husband writing reasonably lucid columns for the National Post when he was in the hooscow,”

    Maybe his columns from the Club Med Minimum Gaol were lucid because for awhile Connie of Crossdressing was where he belonged for that period of time and thus his writing could flow naturally from whence it was meant to issue!