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The Unfair Election Act


Well, boys n girls, Stevie Spiteful outdoes hisself yet again. Another omnibus bill with a benign name to hide its’ real intent.  Yes, Bill C-23 — The “Fair Elections Act” .  All 249 pages of it.  A bill taken right of out of the Rethuglican / tea-baggers’ play book.  Like the Rethuglicans’ bill,  C-23 . . . → Read More: The Unfair Election Act

Election Fraud

Tweet Interesting. When I think of Election Fraud, I think of Saanich/Gulf Islands campaign in 2008.  Gary Lunn v. Briony Penn. Briony was a charismatic candidate for the Liberal Party, she was Lady Godiva, a candidate for change.  This lady went out on a limb to represent the people.  Shortly before the election, the . . . → Read More: Election Fraud

Tough On Crime For Thee, But Not For Me


You’ve gotta hand it to those Harpercons. Really. I mean, only they can declare victory after pleading guilty to avoid trial for Senators Finley and Gerstein.

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have struck a deal with prosecutors to drop embarrassing Elections Act charges against two Tory senators and other party officials accused of “willfully” exceeding . . . → Read More: Tough On Crime For Thee, But Not For Me