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Blogging SupposiTory Hugh MacIntyre Seems To Have a Problem With Minimum Wage And a Challenge For All; Especially Cons

In a nutshell, minimum wages are ‘inflated’ and get in the way of ‘profits’. They’re a ‘job killer’, he says.   Perhaps he should play this game, it would be a wonderful experiment. See if he (and every other right wingnut for that matter) can get by on very low wages without asking for any help at all.  I wonder if they’d even be honest in telling us the answer? Probably not, as it would go against their preaching of individuality and personal responsibility.

As for those precious profits Hugh seems to fret over, well, let me ask you, do you advocate bringing back slavery? That would maximize profits and ‘create jobs’, as you put it.

Odds are that those who earn minimum wage more than likely work harder (physically, anyway)  than say, the CEO who earns 6-figures with all the fringe benefits.  They are probably more likely to either come down with an occupational illness or hurt themselves on the job than the CEO. In fact, the rich CEO is how he/she is largely because of the work of the minimum wage earner.

Another thing to remember, Ayn Rand, queen of individuality and anti-welfare state; the heroine and Gawdess to all neo-cons couldn’t even live up to what she preached as she too had been found to have benefited from Medicare and Social Security.  That kind of ideal the Randians, the neo-cons and the Harperites all preach is just unattainable, unless you’re very wealthy.

In the meantime, I seriously urge you all to challenge yourselves with this game.

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  • I don’t just say that minimum wages are job killers. A whole host of academic empirical research says that it is a job killer. Do you base your ideas on reason or some sort of emotional response?

    I don’t need to play that silly game. I live the real version. Like any adult I have to make tough choices. I don’t live in the neighborhood I want, I don’t eat out as much as I want, and I don’t own the books that I want. But I manage to survive, pay down some debt, and add to savings every month. It is called living within your means.

    The tired class warfare attack against the CEO who doesn’t work hard discredits everything else you say. Anyone can flip burgers (even me) but very few have the skills to be a CEO (I certainly don’t). Low supply of skills give them high pay and the reverse is true of the burger flipper. It is basic economics and economics is REALITY. You can wish it not true but that doesn’t change a thing. Do you think that the economy would operate without CEO’s? I would challenge you to demonstrate that.

    I am not a Randian/Objectivist or a neo-con, and I am certainly not a Harperite (have you ever read my blog before?). I have no idea what Ayn Rand has to do with this discussion.

    ck Reply:

    You’re aggregated at Blogging SupposiTories. ‘Nuff said. The CEO is rich because of the workers.

    Hugh MacIntyre Reply:

    I wonder if you have ever accused someone of being prejudice and closed minded…

    ck Reply:

    If warranted, yes. What? Is it stupid question day?

  • William in Ajax

    Well…. I took the test and ended up with $545.00 at the end of the month.

    By being thrifty, making a few sacrifices, and having a little AMBITION I could easily have almost $6,000.00 in savings after just one year.

    But then again… why bother??
    It’s easier to whine and complain in line at the welfare office.

    Be thrifty, make sacrifices, have a little AMBITION.!!
    It’s the ONLY true road to self-dignity, self-reliance, self-fullfillment, pride and prosperity.

    Concepts that are foriegn all socialists.

    ck Reply:

    I say Bull-shit!

    What did u sacrifice? food? Clothing? Shelter? Health care?

  • William in Ajax

    Ck answers with the standard lefty response…
    (call the messenger a liar).

    I played out that stupid BIASED test in the REAL world and made the personal sacrifices necessary that would only affect me, I sacrificed my food, my clothing, my health, to further my families/childrens well being.

    I’ve made REAL decisions in the REAL world, always putting my families NEEDS above my own.
    I’ve walked the walk, I’ve been down and out.
    I have made the personal sacrifices that lead
    to personal gain.
    All it takes is the will to succeed.

    The welfare industry/lobby deliberatly destroys that
    (will to succeed) they need the downtrodden to need them,
    giving handouts instead of a leg up will allow the parasites in the welfare industry/lobby empire to continue to grow.

    Give a man a fish and he’ll be back tomorrow for another…
    Teach a man to fish and you’ll have lost all control over him.
    Another concept, socialists deny, yet practice.!!
    It keeps them well-fed at the government trough.!

    ck Reply:

    Nothing biased about that game for openers. So you sacrificed your health and food just as I guessed you would. Not very healthy. How does jeapardizing your own health help your family??

    I’ve been down and out myself and at least, I honestly admit that I would still be down and out, and perhaps even dead had it not been for some our federal and provincial social programs. Same for my husband.