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Four More Years

…of a (neocon)liberal majority.

Those of you in the rest of Canada need to understand that the Liberal “brand” has become synonomous* with conservative values.

British Columbia has been the test case for disaster capitalism in Canada.  Gordon Campbell initiated the doctrine with BC Rail.  “Creating Crisis to Facilitate Change”.  Break it, and they will sell at a loss.  This business model has been used over and over again since the BCLibs took over in 2001.

BC Rail
BC Hydro
BC Ferries
The mythology of the ruling class has been relentless as it is misleading.
The socialist hoardes are at the gate!
Yeah, because us socialists are dangerous to the investor class.
And the police are not on your side.

3 comments to Four More Years

  • Owen Gray

    Those who are presently in power know where the money is, Kim. And, until the money is distributed a little more evenly, things will not change.

  • G.J.W.

    Christy’s stance on the Enbridge pipeline??? Why is she giving Black billions of our tax dollars, to build his refinery? How will the oil get to that refinery?

    Trust the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, Harper and his so called Cons? Not on your Nelly.

    Kim Reply:

    G.J.W. Christy’s stance on the Northern Gateway is a cynical attempt to secure a seat in the upcoming bi-election. As soon as she wins her seat, she will flip-flop. Her bosses in Ottawa, Oilberta and China are aware of this. Remember the HST? BC Rail? Not on the radar?