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Any Bets As To What Happens Next For Stevie?

After that twitter storm of #PMHarperMustResign, I found a few interesting tweets. Got me thinking. We already knew that Stevie Spiteful was planning to shut the place down early and prorogue and return in the Fall with a brand spanking new cabinet with fresh faces and a Throne speech even before the shit hit the fan and senators and Chief of staff were dropping like flies.

We also know that Stevie is planning to meet with his caucus tomorrow morning and then take a jet plane outta dodge.  Any bets  ol’ Stevie will probably make a pit stop to Rideau Hall to visit his ol’ pal, Davey the Governor General?  Any bets as to whether he will prorogue immediately or call a snap election?


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3 comments to Any Bets As To What Happens Next For Stevie?

  • Kim

    It’s good to see you’re on a roll this weekend Ck! Go girl!

  • Ryan Painter

    None of the above. The mistake being made here is that twitter makes a lick of difference in Canadian or any kind of politics. It doesn’t. The only thing that changes governments are 1)Votes against them 2)Boots on the ground during a campaign 3)A strong central message and a reappropriation of the voting block that the Conservatives have stolen from the left.

    Don’t focus on Twitter or Facebook. At the end of the day, they change nothing and are mere distractions.

  • Erik T

    I agree with Ryan here. Too many people confuse “likes” on Facebook with an accurate portrayal or the voting public; that is, people who actually vote in real life. Maybe that’s why everyone was caught off guard in B.C. with respect to calling their last election.
    I also wanted to mention Harper will almost certainly go for the full 5 year stretch with his majority government. No way he’s going to risk that sooner than neccesary, unless he’s totally confident he’ll win another majority. I hadn’t thought of proroguing parliament but that sounds like something he might do. Maybe he’s waiting for a bigger bombshell. He recently refused to discuss specific corruption issues, referring instead to being ‘unhappy’ with ‘distractions’. Fixed election dates, triple E senate… hard times for a Reform Party guy, if he was concerned about showing any integrity. I think we should probably ditch the Senate. It just looks like a dumping ground for useless cronies of the governing party. Even the occasional recommendation I might support is inconsequential, as they have no real power.