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We Don’t Have a Speaker! We Have a Stevie Spiteful Yes Man!

I honestly don’t know why people are so shocked about our adorable speaker, Andy Scheer. I always knew he would be a hyper-partisan speaker.  Others speculated about whether or not he could be non-partisan, as well, despite the fact that the Harpercons would’ve preferred someone older.

And when push comes to shove in the Chamber, there are questions of whether he will remain totally non-partisan. He is known as a very nice guy – but also a Stephen Harper guy.

Yes, recently, young Andy Scheer is proving to be more and more the Harpercon yes man. Can’t for the life of me figure out why, Stevie and his friends would’ve wanted a deal with the NDP to ensure an older speaker,  obviously, brown nosing has no age limits.  I think they’re getting more than their money’s worth.

Today, the adorable Speaker Scheer  ruled in favour of the Harpercons and against Irwin Cotler regarding the matter of those pollsters,  hired by the Harpercons to spread rumours rampantly about his supposed impending retirement/resignation and would they support the Harpercons (Saulie Zajdel is waiting in the wings, already a “shadow MP”, ready to pounce on a moment’s notice).  Just to give his ruling a slight hint of ‘non-partisanship’, he decided to call what was done to Mr. Cotler, ‘reprehensible’.

Scheer says the strategy is “reprehensible” but outside his authority. He says he’s entirely sympathetic to Cotler and that there’s no doubt Cotler has been bombarded by calls and emails from confused constituents.

 But Scheer said he has difficulty concluding Cotler hasn’t been able to carry out his parliamentary duties, and that that is the key issue in a question of privilege.

“I can understand how [Cotler] and others are seeking relief from the climate of cynicism — not to say contempt — about parliamentary institutions and practice that seems to prevail. But I fear that such relief is not within my gift: the Speaker’s powers in these matters are limited, as my predecessors have repeatedly stated,” he said.

And there you basically have it, boys ‘n’ girls. You know what? I think Andy Scheer’s ruling is reprehensible.  This also means that the Harpercons will likely step up their efforts to gaslight Irwin Cotler out of his Mount-Royal seat.  Why not? Andy Scheer pretty much sent the message that Stevie and his puppets can do whatever the hell they like.

Oh, and boys ‘n’ girls, I should take this opportunity to remind you all that this isn’t the first time Andy Scheer has ruled in favour of the Harpercons’ bad behaviour.  He did clear Tugboat Tony Clement last week in in feud over G8 committee transcript .

See a pattern developping?

10 comments to We Don’t Have a Speaker! We Have a Stevie Spiteful Yes Man!

  • Alison S

    I hope the voters of Mount Royal remember the filthy tricks being played by the Cons and place their x’s accordingly.

    ck Reply:

    I would like to believe you’re right, Alison, but sadly, you know how this will end, don’t you? Short memories. You see, Saulie Zajdel, the ‘shadow puppet’ will mesmerize the Jewish communities of Hampstead and Cote-St-Luc with the “I luv Israel and am even will to sacrifice Canada for it” schtick and bingo! Not even a cult deprogrammer will be able to pry them away.

    Beijing York Reply:

    And the “shadow puppet” has a cozy job with Canadian Heritage doling out $$$$ to capture votes. I bet that riding is getting lots of federally funded “cultural” events.

  • Logan

    The actions of the marketing team in Mont-Royal are truly disturbing but I don’t know what the speaker could have actually done. The power of the speaker relates entirely to business done INSIDE the house and therefore, most business done outside falls outside of his jurisdiction…hence his ruling. Irwin Cotler does have a case and as the adept lawyer that he is should seek some form of damages as his reputation is clearly being damaged. That being said, the speaker has little power to do anything outside of parliament. I don’t necessarily have a problem with this either. Every authority has it’s place and I don’t necessarily agree that the speaker should have jurisdiction outside of parliament. He is the authority inside (as well as Usher of Black Rod, Speaker of the Senate) and outside are law courts and the RCMP/Local level police.

    ck Reply:

    The speaker shoulda done something; anything. Something to actually look like he’s doing his job. All he’s done is sent the message that he’s Harper’s water boy and puppet and that the Harpercons can get away with anything and continue trying to not only gaslight Cotler out of his seat, but perhaps others?

  • Logan

    One more point. I actually agree with the speakers ruling regarding the Clement issue and felt that Charlie Angus was overstepping his boundaries on this one, looking for some easy political points. This kind of stuff is what I expect from the Conservatives, not my own party. Anyone who listened to the audio knows exactly that Clement was merely using the word “sure” to acknowledge the question. I do the EXACT same thing when people ask me something. I’m not a Clement supporter either but even I can acknowledge a red herring when I see it, and this was a smelly one.

    ck Reply:

    Whatever, pales in comparison to all of Tugboat Tony’s sins, which he is getting away with. Hell, even the RCMP has given up its’ investigation. I imagine Charlie Angus was only trying to use what limited tools were at his disposal, and I do mean limited. This is a growing de-facto one party state, as Dr Dawg suggests. Worse, I knew this would happen if we allowed a harper majority.

    Logan Reply:

    I agree that Charlie was trying. Maybe it’s my own cynicism. I also agree that Tony’s been allowed to get away with way too much and with a minority maybe we could have gotten more done. This is the environment we live in now and we must learn to deal with it and fight in in the best way possible…which is not in the house but in blogs like this and door to door in ridings across Canada. I don’t think most Canadians likely know the extent to which Harper and his Tories have eroded the effectiveness of parliament.

  • Linda

    Did harper actually win his majority or was it rigged? The American people say, Harper’s win was rigged to bring in the NAU I can believe that, way over half of Canadians did not want Harper as P.M.

    Harper had a many times convicted American felon Carson, working for him. Robocalls to Canadians to confuse their voting locations, came out of North Dakota.

    Harper was rabid and frantically begging for a majority. Do I believe Harper would cheat his election win. Absolutely. Harper is a fascist dictator, from his very shady political past.

  • marta fekete

    the perks are too Good. he is bought up… a sell out .