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You gotta love Charles Krauthammer

No, really. Krauthammer, the yammering critic of everything that Obama does, has come out praising the president. Yes, really. Sir Charles is falling all over himself applauding Obama’s negotiation on the tax cuts. Krauthammer calls the the deal a ‘second stimulus’ and ‘swindle of the year‘ (that’s praise coming from Mr K.).

Why would the WaPo writer lavish his hated president with such words of backhanded acclaim? Because he gets to call the ‘Democrat party’ stupid one more time for voting against Obama. Simple. End of story.

Actually, this is how ‘hammer ends his tome (followed by a correction of some sloppy German saboteur reference in a previous column – LOL – must been about Nazis):

Not even Democrats are that stupid. The remaining question is whether they are just stupid enough to not understand – and therefore vote down – the swindle of the year just pulled off by their own president.

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