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And The Harpercon Hits Just Keep On Coming! Peter Kent: Basically, If I Don’t Know What it Is, It Can’t Be Important

Well, boys ‘n’ girls, we have a science and technology minister in ol’ Gary Goodyear who is a creationist and doesn’t believe in evolution. Ok, not all that surprising, given the gang of Christian evangelicals in our government.

Now, it appears that our very own environment minister, Peter Kent, is actually making Rona Ambrose look like environment minister of the year.  You see, today in Question Period, Justin Trudeau has shown up ol’ Mr. Kent. Let’s play that moment in Question Period below, shall we?

As you’ve seen in the video, boys ‘n’ girls, Justin Trudeau basically asked Peter Kent if he even knows what the ozone layer even is and if he knew what  the difference about its impact at low and high altitudes?  Poor Petey Kent couldn’t formulate an answer! No, he did what most of those right wingers do when a question is just too hard; deflect and play the poor persecuted me card. Sadly, in this day and age, they tend to win the argument that way. Why is that?  I don’t know about you, boys ‘n’ girls, but I’m sick of it!  But, I do have to say, it was fun watching Justin Trudeau showing him up for the ignoramous that he is.

This, of course, is in reference to the government’s cutting of ozone monitoring funds .

The controversial plan to cut funding for atmospheric monitoring in Canada was revealed by the British scientific journal, Nature, in September as scientists were cataloguing a record-breaking hole above the Arctic in the ozone layer – a protective barrier that protects life on Earth from the sun’s harmful radiation.

Hoo Ha! Yep, I can see where our Petey Kent would want to cut funding to that.  He doesn’t seem to know what it is, therefore, it can’t be important in the grand scheme of things, now can it?  Yikes!

Oh, and below, Greenpeace has a assembled a Polluters Harmony dating service video for Peter Kent. In the mood for a little skinny dipping in the tar sands? How about a little romantic stroll under the smog covered stars? Perhaps some singing in the acid rain? Polluters’ Harmony is the service for you!

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4 comments to And The Harpercon Hits Just Keep On Coming! Peter Kent: Basically, If I Don’t Know What it Is, It Can’t Be Important

  • Bina

    Gotta feel sorry for him…his little brother got the brains AND the looks. And he’s a much better journo, too.

    ck Reply:

    Who’s his brother? Didn’t knwo there were 2 of them running around loose.

    Niles Reply:

    Arthur Kent. The two are rather…not aligned in their personal politics.

    ck Reply:

    Really? Hoo-Ha! Christmas Dinner must be fun at the Kent Homestead.