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Huffington Post’s Kathryn Marshall has meltdown on Power & Politics. Goes viral. UPDATED

When I looked yesterday afternoon at the now famous Kathryn Marshall Ethical Oil freakout on youtube, the hits were just 6,000. It’s now well over 26,000 and quickly rising. Word has been blazing around the web, snaking its way into the States where amused commenters are comparing Marshall’s clueless and belligerent approach to that of the screaming heads of Fox News. (Lord help Ms. Marshall if a US blog picks up on this.)

I feel for Kathryn in a way. The poor dear has single-handedly made a fool of Ethical Oil and the Northern Gateway project the world over (OK, Joe Oliver’s helped ). She has devalued the debate to comedy status and is quickly becoming a youtube hit for all the wrong reasons.

Luckily Kathryn Marshall has a high embarrassment threshold. Lesser people would be chastened and hide away from the spotlight. Not our Wacky Kathy . She’s a trooper. Taking one for the team, so to speak.

Thank you, Kathryn!

Note: Look at the person in the background to Marshall’s left. At 5:40, during the apex of Kathryn Marshall’s most breathless moment, the person gets up and bolts the room. That’s precisely the moment we’ve all had enough, “c’mon, this is bullshit, turn that shit off”. Classic video, any way you look at it.

Remind you of anything?

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5 comments to Huffington Post’s Kathryn Marshall has meltdown on Power & Politics. Goes viral. UPDATED

  • ck

    How many times and in how many different ways did Evan Solomon ask little Kathy if Enbridge is funding her little group? Love the part how she answers “I won’t respond to conspiracy theories”. I thought the question was pretty straight forward–either a yes or no question. If she can’t handle that, yikes!

  • Julie

    Every other day now we have heard, there have been a number of tanker spills, ships have grounded, pipe bursts, gas leaking off Louisiana into the Gulf.

    And, still the fools preserver. The seas around Kitimat, are one of the most treacherous seas in the world. Hurricane force winds, 40 to 50 foot waves, the channel narrow, the Chinese tankers massive. Horrendous to navigate hairpin curves in good weather let alone, the frequent bad stormy weather. Where are their heads at?

    Neither Marshall or Harper’s hissy fits, are going to change the minds of the F.N. people. Nor the thousands of BC citizens. Or people all around the world, to permit those atrocities, onto BC nor the ocean.

    This is every country’s planet, not just Harper’s, Enbridge, China nor Alberta’s alone. In Durban, there were strong indications, other country’s are taking climate change, very, very seriously. Why did Harper attend? Why, he went to bully other country’s into accepting the dirty tar.

    Harper has cost Canada dearly of our friends, of other Nations. Harper even lost Canada’s seat in the U.N. The technology is out there to reduce greenhouse gases. However, Harper’s and the gigantic oil and gas corporations greed, trumps common sense every time.

    Watch out for Obama and Harper’s border deal too. That smells like a stinky scam to me. A lot of Canadians rather liked Obama, but that would change, if there is any conspiracy with Harper. Him we don’t trust.

  • CBC v Ethical Oil

    More Fun for CBC listeners

    Ethical Oil vs Conflict Oil – brought to you by companies who produce both.

  • Nadine Lumley



    7,262 messages sent – pls click link and punch in your email to auto. send a msg. to Harper

    The Harper Government is privately threatening Canadian charities helping people participate in the public hearings about Enbridge’s western pipeline and supertanker project. According to a whistleblower, they are labeling Canadian environmental groups “Enemies of the government of Canada”.

    We need to speak out now to demand Prime Minister Harper stop the threats, and ensure fair hearings that let Canadians decide if the project is in our best interests.

    “Canadians should be concerned when a supposedly arms-length agency (National Energy Board) **supposed to regulate the oil industry, including conducting hearings on Enbridge’s proposed new tar sands pipeline across British Columbia…

    .. is listed as an ‘ally’ of Harper’s neocon Reform Party Gov.

    …said Keith Stewart of Greenpeace.

  • Nadine Lumley

    Another K-Tel CRAP bobble-head blonde-tressed Tar Baby toy. Comes complete with the pull-string for all the PMO approved speaking notes.

    CAUTION: not recommended for small children and independent thinkers who can formulate their own opinions based on fact not ideology.’s-witch-hunt-environmental-charities

    BC Showdown: Sierra Club vs “Ethical Oil”
    One of them is a Ridiculous Radical