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Mr. James Moore: Where Do Babies Come From?

Inquiring minds want to know!  But it appears that James Moore doesn’t really want us to, or perhaps he doesn’t know hisself. After all, he does belong to a party full of Socons. He has hang-ups  with the sex education exhibit at the Museum of Science and Technology .

Conservative cabinet minister James Moore might be the only person to have complained about both the current sex-ed exhibit at the Museum of Science and Technology, and the racy Pop Life art exhibit held two years ago at the National Gallery.

Now Moore, the federal Heritage Minister, is on a campaign against the exhibit. Moore says a science museum is no place for sex, and is “insulting to taxpayers.” He has complained to museum officials, he says, and is encouraging the public to do the same. He has not explained how the exhibit is “insulting,” which seems an odd word choice, but there it is. Perhaps taxpayers should be insulted to learn that a federal cabinet minister doesn’t understand that the study of sex is, in fact, science

“Encouraging the public to do the same”. There’s that riling up populist outrage again that the Harpercons and now our lovely premier are so fond of! Because, after all, the goal is dumbing down Canada, especially in all things sex and sex education.  Apparently, the 50 who have complained, have never seen this exhibit before. So, how would they know whether or not  it’s some kind of tacky cheesy sleazy porn?  Ah yes! To some puritanical socon,  pictures in med school text books would be porn.

Of course taxpayers should be insulted to learn that Moore doesn’t understand that the sex is science. However, for some reason, they’re not. I mean, how else does one explain how our science and technology minister, Mr. Gary “Creationist” Goodyear keeps getting elected in his riding.  Not to mention, ol’ Wankworth, to name but another. Science ain’t the only thing ol’ Jimmy don’t get.  He obviously seems to think that if sex-ed ain’t happening and such, kids won’t be thinking about it.

Yep, as usual, ignorance is the call of the day.  Simply teaching abstinence and that is all, like that has worked so well.

So, Mr. James Moore, where do babies come from?  Well, the stork, of course! And that is all that is permissable to instruct.

Yep, just another chapter in Harpercons bringing Canada back to before the 1950s where blacks knew their place, women were barefoot and pregnant, And of course, Daddy knew best.

I wonder how many of those socon puritans have a secret stash of “Playboy” or “Hustler”?  Well, you know what they say about the sexually repressed.

2 comments to Mr. James Moore: Where Do Babies Come From?

  • Sm

    How did Graham James manage to assault so many young boys and men? He was aided in his perversion by a culture that said, Dont Talk About Sex. In this regard, the Harper government and its lapdogs, ensure that perverts like Graham James will continue to have lots of naive and ashamed children to prey on. Congratulations, Conservatives!

  • the regina mom

    What?!? You mean baybeez don’t cum from GAWD? *clutching pearls*