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Even if You’re not a Fan of Justin Trudeau, These New Attack Ads Should Insult all of us

In particular, women and gay men.  Yes, with Justin posed with stars and pixie dust and Tinkerbell , it assumes that he is not “manly” enough to lead a countr y.   So, are the Harpercons suggesting that women or gay men are not fit to lead a country?  Well, boys ‘n’ girls, if that is the case,  then I think ol’ Stevie showed his true homophobic annd misogynistic colours.

6 comments to Even if You’re not a Fan of Justin Trudeau, These New Attack Ads Should Insult all of us

  • Kirbycairo

    While the HarperCons are all that you say, I suggest that their opportunism outweighs their sexism and if it would benefit their hunger for power they would actively promote Harper as a transexual stripper. In other words Harper’s evil is so thorough-going that it is far too limiting to simply call him misogynistic or homophobic.

  • Owen Gray

    Those colours have been on display for a long time, ck. And, this time, Harper will pull out all the stops.

  • Michel

    To be perfectly honest, I got more of the feel that the adds are meant to make him out to be a Disney character such as Prince Charming in its negative connotations. While I’m sure that they’re okay to play up the angle you mentioned but it appears to me at least that he’s being depicted as a metrosexual airhead with a cute face that’s way too young to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.

    I don’t think they would go deliberately with that angle especially when Sophie Grégoire begins to be featured prominently in the general election campaign, it would really come across as a slap in the face of the Cons.

    Either way, it’s done with taxpayer money so that’s upsetting by itself.

  • Rene

    It says a lot about the so-called Conservative Party’s contempt, contempt for culture, education and critical thought, contempt for the political process, contempt for the electorate when they reduce their version of “politics” to such a level. If I recall the federal Liberals and the PQ – even when the fate of the country hung in the balance – confined their exchanges to the ideological and programmatic level and did not descend to such a vicious level of “politics”. A level of “politics” more in line with Vychinsky slandering and tormenting his muzzled victims before their scheduled show trials and execution.

    Erik T Reply:

    I think we can thank Tom Flanagan for that. He introduced / imported the concept of the constant campaign in Canadian politics, and it has really lowered the bar. I’m glad his peeps all disowned him earlier this year, but damage was done. Canadian right wingers like to ape what the dumbest Americans do, and I believe Flanagan got this constant-campaign idea from the U.S. Similarly, the so-called “Calgary school” seems to be the old “Chicago school lite” and our justice system is following America even as some American states are backing off of mandatory minimums and weed prohibition.

  • Scotian

    Personally I’m surprised it took people this long to make that connection, the first time I saw the ads I caught those subtexts/implications and thought them obvious, I just expected it from the Harper CPC on him so I guess I didn’t really make any noise about it. The girly man hinting seemed to me to be a bit of a sign of fear and weakness by the CPC to me, especially given how well JT had uncut that line of approach by taking their Senator Brazeau to school in that charity boxing match. As to the attacking his sexuality in any way, given everything that used to be said about his father back when he was PM I guess I expected no less this time around too (not to mention being bi myself leaves me a bit sensitized to such attacks/insinuations, I’ve heard and seen just about everything that way and not just aimed at myself either since I come off in person as “straight acting”, whatever that is, to most homophobes and get to hear it from the source far too often). As to being insulted by the ads, well everything I see from the Harper CPC has been insulting me, my family, and our generational history as Canadians so I am sort of maxed out on that side, it was why I took a couple of years off, my negative feelings had simply overflowed my ability to keep them in check. Thankfully JT is giving me some reason to start caring again, and to believe that finally Harper and his CPC may finally be on the way out the door.

    While I expect the attack ads to have some impact on him, especially early on, I also think they will not be as effective as in the past both because of the Harper CPC record/history in their use (and as a government, it is always easier to tear down when you can still look good by being empty vessels, but the Harper CPC lost that with the majority after several years in minority, especially given they never stopped acting like they were still a minority government with that majority) and because JT is something unique in our federal politics, the son of a well respected PM (and for all those that say it evens out because of how many still have strong negative feelings for PET I would point out his death and the reaction to it tends to indicate that those are still minority number voices, and almost certainly are already hardcore CPC supporters, well those that aren’t hard core Quebec nationalists who either are BQ or NDP these days) who grew up in front of the eyes of the older voters who also has major appeal to younger voters who have not bought into the electoral process but seem more willing to in his support. I think those that are sounding the panic button about how JT is handling the ads so far need to remember his boxing win against Brazeau and how he did it, I suspect he plans on taking a similar approach to Harper and I think it may well prove out to be at least as effective given the clear fatigue for the constant non stop politicking the Harper regime has been engaging in, especially the blatant self promotion combined with the relent negativity. It also helps that Harper and the CPC are acting so worried about the leader of the small third party while ignoring the actual Official Opposition, it raises JT’s credibility and directly undercuts the CPC’s own slogan, because common sense says if he really is in over his head there is little reason to fear him let alone spend such efforts to discredit him right from the outset.