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A Few Questions About Fordzilla and his Alleged “Crackscapades”

Fordzilla_To Star

I was just on Facebook where someone who can be described as progressive vehemently defending Mayor Boss Hogg and basically trashing the Toronto Star. In fact, so vehemently, I was wondering if this individual has changed her political stripes.  That whole innocent until proven guilty thing. It’s how it should work, but doesn’t.  Mayor Fordzilla, like his Harpercon and Rethuglican buddies all go after their enemies with that same zeal…guilty until proven innocent.  If Fordzilla really wasn’t smoking crack, hopefully he’ll have learned a lesson with his typical impulsive knee jerk reactive behaviour.  But that’s neither here nor there for the purposes of this post.

It may well be that the Toronto Star has a vendetta against ol’ Fordzilla, but it was earned after his treatment of the paper. But we must remember that it was the American web site Gawker that first broke the story, not The Toronto Star.  Also others have jumped on the bandwagon, albeit with necessary caution.

There are a few questions though…

1) With every transgression ol’ Fordzilla has committed or not, Big brother Dougy is right there by his brother’s side like a pitbull.  This time around, he appears to be more detached . All he could muster was:

“I have never seen my brother involved with anything like coke.”

Hardly a ringing endorsement.  Anybody with half a brain knows that someone who is involved in some serious shit like that often live in a secretive world where no one knows.  It may well be that Dougy never knew his brother to be into crack cocaine, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, even Dougy appears to know that judging by his careful wording.  Under normal circumstances, true or not, he is the first to be at ol’ Boss Hogg’s side denying! denying ! Denying!

2)  As mentioned above, Fordzilla is notorious for exhibiting behaviour that is impulsive, reactive and more often than not, disorganized. The usual Fordzilla would be, in addition to putting on his persecution complex regarding lefty pinkos and the Toronto Star,  would’ve most likely thrown the gauntlet and publicly announce he would sue the Toronto Star and quite possibly Gawker for even launching the story in the first place.  He would’ve done it with relish, face a few more shades of purple to boot without first consulting an attorney.  He did not do that.  At the very least, he would’ve demanded an apology and an immediate retraction.  Again, he did no such thing.

3) Does anyone really believe that the editors of the  Toronto Star wouldn’t have consulted its’ legal team before running the story, knowing the risks full well?

I should also add that it’s interesting that the Fordzilla brothers haven’t responded to the Grope & Fail’s emails or calls on the subject,  a paper that is actually right winged sympathizing.

3 comments to A Few Questions About Fordzilla and his Alleged “Crackscapades”

  • Kim

    He looks like grumpy cat in that photo!

    ck Reply:

    The artist takes this as a compliment! Although, that is a tame assessment, I was more going after Blue Meanie from “Yellow Submarine”.

  • Erik T

    I’m inclined to believe the video is legit. I can’t help but think the guys who shot it tried to sell it to Ford first, and Ford (probably correct for once) figured he’d never get the single, only copy of the video. Presumably the guy who shot it has the only copies so far. He must be sweating bricks.
    I also think the video is real. If it wasn’t, Ford would likely have been told to go for broke, buy the video, put the money in an escrow fund and have the video analyzed for fakery. He can afford to buy it, he cold even split the costs with gawker and the Star on the condition that the Star pays for independent verification of the video, and loudly apologizes when the video is revealed to be fake. Or the Star could agree to re-pay Ford’s share of the cost of buying the fake video once the hoax is revealed. A great way to clear the air! But, as noted, we get silence… So I think Ford knows the video is real. I wonder if he’s tight enough with his neighbourhood cops to get results that way..? He’s had arguments with the Chief of Police here before, so I don’t know how they feel about him.
    The Globe & Mail are conservative in some ways, but they are a real newspaper (as opposed to the Sun), and they don’t kiss Ford’s giant ass the way the Sun does. In fact, my ‘hot button’ Toronto Sun writer (one I read to get fired up and see what inspired my political / philosophical opponents) Sue Ann Levy charged out of her cage right on cue to decry all the sleazy journalists out to get Ford. She made sure to remind readers George Smitherman copped to once living a party lifestyle, but at least Smitherman had the sense to mention it at the time, knowing what the Sun would have to say about gay partiers running for office. She had the nerve to suggest the Sun is above this behaviour. To be honest, I think the Star does hate Ford, but not as much as the Sun loves him.