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A Few Questions Regarding Senate Gate, Some Thoughts and Why Is All Excused if You’re a Conservative?

Well, boys ‘n’ girls, it appears that Stevie has had a bad week. What does Stevie do when the going gets tough? He either runs and locks himself into the nearest toilet available or skips town.

Senategate has proven to be no different. When revelations surfaced regarding Porky Puffy Duffy’s 90 grand “gift” from Stevie’s top right hand man, Nigel Wright and the subsequent departures of Porky and Pammy Wallen from Harpercon caucus reindeer games, Stevie was too busy in New York pushing his pipelines. He is also on his way to Peru come Tuesday , and thus, will conveeeniently be asbsent come Tuesday afternoon’s Question Period. Granted the trip may have been planned awhile ago, but still, when there is a crisis of this magnitude when his appointees are dropping like flies,  leadership is needed and one would think that a responsible leader would face the music and cancel this trip.  No can do in the world according to Stevie.

There are questions no one seems to be, at best, not probing enough if at all.  Why exactly did Nigel Wrong give Porky Puffy Duffy 90, 000$?  If anyone is buying that he did this out of the goodness of his heart, I have swamp land in Florida to serve you.  To ensure that the tax payers got their money back? Bull shit!  For openers, Ol’ Senator Margie LeBreton said there were remedies to this…garnishing their exorbitant salaries or putting liens on their homes were suggested.  Also, if ol’ Nigel really cared about the tax payers, why didn’t he do the same for senators like Pammy Wallen or Patsy Brazeau or even the enemy Liberal senator, Mac Harb? Yanno, in the interests of the tax payers? Why Porky Puffy Duffy?  Nigel is a multi-millionaire and 90,000$ is chump change to someone like him.  Surely he must have realized that paying off Duffy’s 90,000$ debt was going to cause a heap of trouble for his boss and hisself.  Then again, perhaps he was banking on the fact that Conservatives get away with anything and all because, they’re, well, Conservatives.

Rumour has it that ol’ Stevie will shut the place down early, though that was circulating along with a sizeable game of musical cabinet chairs before the shit hit the fan.  Many like CTV’s Bob Fife fervently believe this will not go away even with a prorogue to, yanno, recalibrate. I am not that optimistic. Stevie ain’t nick named “Teflon Stevie” for nothing. Nothing sticks to him.  This of course, is not exclusively the fault of our hapless opposition.  It’s also the public. They have been brainwashed into believing that they are the “Greatest damned economists” of all time and thus are excused from any wrong doing, even if Stevie hisself were to knock off a liquor store, get caught smoking crack with Rob Ford (yeah, yeah, I know, that crackgate thing is “alleged”)  or murder Laureen.  Gerry Nichols on Power Play last week pretty much implied as much– that we would still prefer  a dishonest Stevie over a drama teacher or “raging soshalist”. Sadly, he may well be correct.  However, I do have one burning question.

Hell, proof positive of that when BC re elected the scandal plagued (BC rail and HST debacle come to mind)  Christy Clark Liberals with an even higher seat count than before, yet they will continue to hammer the BC NDP for their past transgressions when Glen Clark was premier.   Though in all fairness, Adrian Dix was too hapless and he and his people should’ve realized that they should’ve gone nasty with the Libs.  Yes, boys ‘n’ girls, attack ads do work! However, that is another story for another time.

They re-elected the document doctoring Bevie Oda in Durham in the last Federal election, also with a higher seat count than before.

We promoted Stevie with a majority despite his Harpercons being nailed with a contempt of parliament.

However, look at them scream still over ADSCAM which looks like Romper Room chump change compared to everything Stevie and his friends have done.

Even here in Quebec,  the Liberals under new leader, Philippe Couillard, not without his own ethical baggage, (further privatization of health care, anyone?) will likely be elected if an election were held today.

Back to Gerry Nichols’ assertion that Canadians basically know which side their bread is buttered and will forgive and forget all Harpercon transgressions, including Senategate and Nigel Wrong’s alleged “gift” because they are better economic stewards than the “drama teacher” or “radical soshalist”,  I realize that Power Play had only seconds to close the strategists’ panel before moving on, but why oh why didn’t guest host Mercedes Stephenson  or the other 2 strategists from the Liberals and/or the NDP blurt out that 3.1 billion$ going unaccounted for under Stevie’s and Tugboat Tony Clement’s watch?  I dunno, call me crazy,  but good economic stewards would not let  that much go unaccounted for, n’est-ce pas?  The missing 3.1 billion has already been largely forgotten by our media.

Back to senategate, it has been said that quite possibly the quid pro quo for Nigel Wrong forking over 90,000$ from his own personal account to Porky Puffy Duffy was that some audit reports were whitewashed .

The Senate’s internal economy committee sanitized the original audit of Sen. Mike Duffy’s expenses to remove damning findings, documents obtained by CTV News show.

A confidential report obtained by CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife shows the original version of Duffy’s audit found that the senator broke the Senate’s “very clear” and “unambiguous” residency rules.

The report found that Duffy stayed in his Prince Edward Island cottage mostly during the summer months. He had listed it as his primary residence, which allowed him to claim an annual housing allowance given to senators who live more than 100 kilometres from Ottawa.

Duffy’s air travel pattern also showed he lived in Ottawa and he had registered his address in the capital “for several official purposes,” according to the original report.

The report also reveals that Duffy’s lawyers sought to have him exempted from the forensic audit.

All of that was missing from the rewritten audit report that was tabled in the Senate and made public.

Plausible, but again, why not do the same for Pammy Wallen who did reimburse part of her expenses she should never have claimed?  Or perhaps she, too, had a benefactor?

Seriously, why did Nigel Wrong help Porky Puffy Duffy?  Was this a question of blackmail? I have heard that perhaps Ol’ Duffy may start singing like an opera singer about Harpercon family secrets, whatever they may be.

Again, for Nigel Wrong, why on earth would he risk his own career and reputation to give such a “gift” to a senator when it clearly goes against senate rules ?  He should’ve known better.

Also, did Stevie know? I believe that he must’ve,  after all, his flunkies don’t have a bowel movement without his knowing about it.

Now that Nigel Wrong is gone, was he thrown under the bus by Stevie? Sure looks that way. It didn’t take Stevie Spiteful long before appointing Ray Novak to be his new right hand top dude.

I seriously hope the opposition parties get off their duff and start hammering Stevie hard not only for senate gate, but also about that missing 3.1 billion bananas. The latter, is the gift that ultimately shatters Stevie and the Harpercon cheerleaders’ mantra of being such great economic stewards.

Another thing that seems to have been long forgotten is Senator Leo Housakos, another Harper appointee, who was allegedly involved with the likes of Tony Accurso another questionable business people in la belle province– a name that came up in the Charbonneau Inquiry .  That definitely needs looking into.

Oh, and another Harpercon MP, Levar Payne, has already started blaming the “left winged media” for senate gate . Was wondering how long that would take.

3 comments to A Few Questions Regarding Senate Gate, Some Thoughts and Why Is All Excused if You’re a Conservative?

  • 900ft

    this latest scandal has been incredible, really showing the depths not only of corruption, but how far harper and his people have gone in believing they are not only above the law, but all powerful and entitled.

    So many aspects to this. Ray Novak, chosen, I’m sure, because he would be willing to take the complete fall for the next illegal act ordered by harper. Of course harper knew. With Novak, it’ll be harder to claim ignorance when some horrible order is issued because the nature of the relationship between harper and Novak is well known. It is said no one is closer to harper than Ray.

    Just mind boggling. Did you see the PMO statement on wright’s resignation? Really bizarre, brief, with a floating statement at the end pretty much ordering Canadians not to pay atention to the issue, but to focus on the government’s rhetoric on the economy and jobs.

    I’m pretty cynical when it comes to this government and media coverage, but I don’t think this latest will fade easily. It will leave a mark. McGregor and Maher winning an award for good journalism, the constant blaming of the press when unpleasant truths are written about harper & co., and Duffy turning on past colleagues…this may be what’s been giving other journalists more of a bite, lately. I hope so. This rot can’t just settle, forgotten, glossed over by pandas, Laureen’s latest adventures, or – look! Justin said something silly!

  • Erik T

    Talk about a “sense of entitlement”!! That’s the charge laid against anyone opposed to modern conservative politics, yet they are as guilty as anyone of having this “sense of entitlement”. Just watched the latest from Mansbridge a moment ago- Harper’s refusal to answer anyone’s questions was telling. The Liberals need to condense the best of that footage from today, and split it with footage of Harper’s self righteous platitudes about openness and transparency, and fire them off tomorrow for their next ad campaign. It looks more and more like Harper will want to suspend parliament. Too bad there wasn’t a War of 1813 he could spend 30 million of our dollars to ram down our throats. Maybe he’ll make up a terror scare. Then again, all these prorogations-of-parliament don’t seem to faze or concern Conservatives at all…

  • kootcoot

    “Too bad there wasn’t a War of 1813 he could spend 30 million of our dollars to ram down our throats”

    Well, the 1812 extravaganza was into its second year, how about a second year celebration and since two is bigger than one, spend 60 million dollars. Steve could celebrate in 2014 too, because the Battle of New Orleans happened on January 8, 1815 the famous song was put to the melody of a fiddle tune of that name (Eighth of January – written to commemorate the battle. The words were added about a century and a half later, BUT, unbeknownst to Old Hickory and crew the war was already over by the time this battle was fought……no phones, telegraphs or inter-toobz in dem days.

    I always wondered why Stevie wanted to celebrate so much a war in which Canada was on the losing side, the high point was burning the US Capitol – which didn’t lead to an eternal Global War on Terror! Of course since Steve would rather be an American Republican, in his mind it may have been a victory.