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Some Last Minute Election “Thoughts” From Family Values Dodo Can’t Spell

Ok, “thoughts”, perhaps a bad choice of words, since Maria S  Nunes AKA “Dodo” is clearly incapable of thought: we’d feel the earthquake all the way here in Montreal, hell, I think my co-blogger, Logan in China would feel it! You see, boys ‘n’ girls, Dodo, in addition to being Islamophobic, also appears to be homophobic. She doesn’t seem to think that George Smitherman is eligible to run for mayor or politics .

How can George Smitherman think that his homosexuality should not be a question of his eligibility or a hinderance to his winning the election.

This is, of course, in reference to those Rob Ford radio ads.  I remembered the basic premise of two of them, as they were on Twitter over the week-end. Both very stupid.  One of particular idiocy was that (paraphrased–I have no access to twitter from this computer) vote for Rob Ford-he’s married to a woman.  Ok, then, if the likes of Dodo, an immigrant herself and certain members of the Tamil and other immigrant communities are this homophobic and really can’t adjust to the idea of an openly gay mayor, then why vote for someone so openly bigotted who has clearly said he wanted no more immigrants in Toronto? Why not vote for Joe Pantalone? He’s not gay, nor is he a bigot and unlike Ford, I’m quite sure he welcomes immigrants in his fair city.  Why has he suffered through the polls as he has?  Oh, right! He’s not as homophobic as they are neither! Got it.

If  homosexuals shouldn’t be eligible to run for politics in the world of Dodo and the other homophobes, then I guess it was missed in the last Ontario provincial election when Smitherman was voted MPP for his riding.

Looky here, old world immigrants have the amazing talent of shooting themselves in the foot at the polling station and vote against their interests as many working and middle class Canadians do.

Let’s remember, folks, Dodo seems to motivate herself everyday by drinking and hating the world going by , much like her beloved Rob Ford seems to. Birds of a feather really do flock together.

Yes, Dodo, I think you need a good stiff one, something tells me you actually might have more stimulated brain cells if alcohol is involved.

Don’t forget to vote!

4 comments to Some Last Minute Election “Thoughts” From Family Values Dodo Can’t Spell

  • Brian

    Dodo’s is indeed an unusual line of thought – doubly so when one considers her blog banner, in which she proclaims her hatred for “ANTI-GAY IDIOTS”.

    “Moreover, it’s downright silly of Smitherman to think that Rob Ford should be ‘strongly condemning the tactic.’ Which planet is this man living on. How would Rob Ford have the clout to tell immigrant communities what not to say about Smitherman?” Dodo writes. Does this mean that one shouldn’t speak out about an injustice unless one has “clout”? And is she really saying that Rob Ford has no influence whatsoever with immigrant communities? I’d ask her, but I’m not “IN SINC” with her “MIND-SET [sic]” and so am unwelcome.

    While on the topic of the unusual. Has anyone else noticed that Google has flagged as being a site “that may install malicious software on your computer”?

    ck Reply:

    no, I wasn’t aware of it, perhaps they want to infect the computers of everyone not in their mind frame?? Thanks for the warning.

    Even if Ford did have clout with the immigrant communities, the man is a typical socon and con in every sense of the word, that homophobia would be natural for him. He should at least detach himself from the ads. Pantalone has come out and condemned the ads.

  • Jymn

    Brian, Googling any post on BT’s shows a message that it may harm your computer. Haha.

    ck, where is Dodo from?

    ck Reply:

    Dodo is from the Greater Toronto Area and a Blogging SupposiTory.