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Tantamount to rape: the Lauren Valle takedown

When Lauren Valle was tackled and stomped on by Rand Paul thugs, all the talk was about the brutality of the head stomping. But something on the video is so evident, I’m surprised no one has brought it up yet.

Just after Valle is tackled and shoved to the ground, the tackler (identified by blogs as Mike Pezzano) reached around under Valle’s arm and grabbed her left breast in a violent manner (approx. the 20 second mark on the video below). It is obviously not a slip of his hand.

The video is obvious. Surely, this is grounds for charges against the tackler more than the tackle itself. I don’t think this bit of violence stops at the stomper, Tim Profitt. There is going to multiple charges and they will include blatant sexual abuse. If the guy who threw Valle to the ground is indeed Mike Pezzano, he could be in far more trouble than Profitt.

What happened to Lauren Valle is as close to rape as anything you will ever see.

UPDATE: As with so many violent, sexually-motivated sexual assaults, Pezzano’s co-perpetrator, Tim Profitt, is defiant. He wants an apology from the victim!

And, as with so many victims of assaults of a sexual nature, Lauren Valle continues to suffer the indignities of the more wide-spread violence in the media: the right wing is either laughing at Valle or boasting that ‘she deserved what she got’. Heard that one before?

UPDATE II: Tim F at Balloon Juice remarks on the same thing. He calls it ‘groping’. As does Mahablog. They’re being kind.

UPDATE III: Blogger Uzza has also been on the case, noting that the perp felt up Valle twice, once with his other hand.

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7 comments to Tantamount to rape: the Lauren Valle takedown

  • Of course, the right-wing blogosphere is already demonizing her as a leftie lunatic. And Profitt is claiming that he head-stomped her because of back pain.(!)

    The sense of entitlement of the perpetrators is astonishing. It’s all about the arrogance of power. They do it because the political classes demand a script which is as content-free as possible — compare and contrast the G8/20 protests. The only difference is the later was far larger and the violence state-sponsored.

  • Kim

    That was definately a sexual assault. He clearly grabbed her breast and squeezed it as hard as he could. She must have had bruising around her ribcage. Sick bastard! The other guy could have broken her neck with his foot! Any word on charges?

  • The actions of another of the “Randian heroes” should also be spotlighted, at around the 21 second mark in the clip the scumbag steps deliberately on his victim’s right leg pinning it against the curb.

  • MoS

    “As close to rape as anything you will ever see”? I wish but I doubt it.

    BTW, Rand Paul went on FOX to discuss the incident and conveniently left out the fact that Profitt is a member of his campaign, not merely a supporter. He’s the Bourbon County coordinator of the Rand Paul for Senate campaign. It speaks volumes about that greasy swine Paul that he left that unmentioned.

  • Look at the 18 second mark in the second video. He does it twice, first with his right hand, then his left.

  • Gregg Kluck

    Wasn’t a head stomp. A foot to the shoulder is not a head stomp. But I digress, that should have never happened to anyone no matter what said of the political spectrum they are on. Ms Valle should not have been assaulted in that manner, she could have been guided away from the car in a more safe manner. She did cram that sign into the window of Rand’s car, though. Others told Proffit to stop when he did it. Obviously cooler heads prevailed. I know the progressives are looking for things like this done by anyone on the right to demonize their cause. It only goes to show that passions are running high in this election season. Hope Ms. Valle gets better from the effects of the assault. BTW, I am politically conservative.

    ck Reply:

    Well, how about this then? Voter intimidation? How does that grab you? Frightening non-Republican voters into staying home?

    Cooler heads prevailed? The pictures posted certainly don’t look like it…that’s what you call cooler heads?

    scroll down that page for video

    or those candidates who wish to repeal the 17th amendment–election of senators?

    Or how ’bout that beauty in Texas who basically said that an overthrow of the president is “on the table”?

    That goes beyond conservatism, but sounds more like the beginnings of fascism.