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Craig James must resign immediately.

Mr. Craig James
Acting Cheif Electoral Officer
Elections BC.

Dear Mr. James;

You have no mandate at Elections BC.  You were not legally appointed by an all party committee of the Legislature.  You were appointed by the lame duck Premier of a corrupt government.  You must step down from your position immediately.

Since your appointment you have consistantly made biased decisions against the will of the majority of citizens of BC.  You have wrongfully dismissed the one person who was qualified to replace Mr. Neufeld.  Every decision you have made regarding the Recall and Initiative Legislation has had the direct effect of supressing the democratic process in this province.

You made biased rulings in favour of government with regards to Initiative Advertising (the website).

You fired the most senior qualified person who should have gotten your job.

You failed to obey the letter of the law with regards to forwarding the approved petition directly to the Standing Legislative Committee, improperly defering it to the courts.

You sent threatening and harrassing letters to citizens who signed the petition twice.

You failed to communicate the rationale for any of these decisions to the Electorate directly, instead releasing any information quietly to limited parties.

You have been improperly gadding about the globe, doing “Volunteer work” for the World Bank, trying to get them access to Parliaments, when you were being paid to caretake Elections BC.

You have now rejected the first Recall petition on petty and mean-spirited grounds.

Sometimes Sir, the spirit of the law supercedes the letter of the law, but that just seems too sophisticated for you.  Mr. James, you shame the non-partisan tradition of your position, and you must resign immediately!

In disgust,


2 comments to Craig James must resign immediately.

  • Logan

    This is a total outrage. Our democratic rights are being eroded beneath our feed. The degradation of our rights and our ability to speak out against injustices continue to be trampled on by the corporatist interests of the Campbell government, and now by his select appointee. SHAME! It’s come to this now, that British Columbians can no longer stand by while unelected, government friendly has-beens decide on our fate as the electorate. First it was Harper with prorogation, now it’s this electoral officer with his lame excuses. I’ve had enough and so should all British Columbians. SHAME ON YOU Craig James…SHAME!!!

  • Kim

    Write to him Logan and your MLA and maybe the Lieutenant Governor, who has the power to call an emergency session of the Legislatuure.