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Conservatives: controlling the message is paramount even when it’s art

With echoes of Krista Erickson snaking her arms in imitation of dance, Harper is doing his own particular jig to stop artist Franke James from expressing her view of the Conservatives’ dismantling of environmental controls. James is the victim of the Con machine trying to silence her work by doing everything in its power behind the backs of Canadians to intimidate her sponsors and stifle show organizers. Conservatives don’t get art. They also don’t get freedom.

If we don’t watch it, we could end up like this pathetic country.

Psst, pass it on.

H/T: Dawg’s Blawg , DeBeauxOS and Mr. Sinister .

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1 comment to Conservatives: controlling the message is paramount even when it’s art

  • Beijing York

    I’ve seen Heritage Ministers squirm and try to find ways to deny funding for art projects they found “troublesome” but for the most part, those Liberal ministers respected the arms length relationship with Canada Council or even the NAC. They even had a modicum of respect for the rules of department run programs.

    But this is like nothing before. Finding away to get federal funding denied would be the expected from Harper but to actually coerce a foreign NGO and their corporate sponsor to withdraw funding/support for this artist is frankly creepy and shocking. This is definitely inching into to totalitarian territory.