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Maybe It’s Just Me, But Isn’t The (O)NDP Supposed To Be a Forward Thinking Party?

Andrea Horwath

I did see this pic of the orange stiletto on some of my facebook friends’ profile pics and wondered what it was. For them, I thought it was amusing; they were celebrating fall; the advent of Halloween; stuff like that.  After all, I’m in Quebec and not privy to all symbols pertaining to the Ontario election campaign. Now, thanks to Fern Hill over at Dammit Janet , now,  I know.

Ouf! I dunno, Andrea, isn’t the NDP supposed to be a forward thinking party? The party that brags running many woman candidates and chides other parties for not running enough, both provincially and federally?  That image, the stiletto, or as Fern puts it, the “Fuck me” shoe sure doesn’t go a long way in promoting that forward thinking party. I’m surprised that more women in Ontario don’t have a problem with this. I know that here in la Belle province, if Pauline Marois were to start slapping on a blue stiletto or another such symbol onto her campaign or party slogans, Quebec women of any partisan stripe would be furious would make a lot of noise about it. Seriously, what is wrong with just the ONDP logo with a gender neutral slogan?

We get that you’re a girl, but you’re hardly the first she leader of a political party of any stripe at any level.  That stiletto has you coming off as some cheesy novelty. Is that how you want to be remembered?

2 comments to Maybe It’s Just Me, But Isn’t The (O)NDP Supposed To Be a Forward Thinking Party?

  • pale

    Bizarre stuff.
    I wore high heels (4-5 inches) for a few years, for 10-14 hours per day, 5 days a week. And all of that time was on my feet.

    I have crippled feet to show for it, bone spurs. Need surgery, can’t afford the time off.
    I now consider those bullshit kind of shoes to be self harming for women.
    Back injuries and damage are common too.

    Just a bullshit sexist image to keep women where they “belong”. Trying to look sexaaaaay so that the old f*cks will pay attention to us? Screw that.
    *pale rants from the batcave in her comfy jesus waterwalkers* (hippie sandals)

    ck Reply:

    You wore those for 10-14 hours per day? Ouch! I get vertigo in regular heels! Nope, I’m just fine in my sneakers, thanks very much. If I really have to wear proper shoes, I have very unsexy, black flat, rubber souled loafers (I’m considering applying for a job in our legal department where I work– a permanent position–sneakers won’t do it). In summer, it’s just ol’ rubber, el-cheapo flip-flops. I’m good with that! Hippie sandals are cool too.