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Lies and Spin, BC Liberal Style (Not on the Radar)


Christy Clark (or rather, her lackey Terry Lake) declared yesterday that the BC Government does not support the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline at this time.  Immediately, this news was plastered over all the media.  Environmental Orgs from Dogwood Initiative to Greenpeace trumpeted the news.  The War is Over!  We won!

Well, before . . . → Read More: Lies and Spin, BC Liberal Style (Not on the Radar)

Conservative Doublespeak

Tweet There’s one thing you can count on with Conservatives in Ottawa.  When they open their mouthes, they are lying.  What they accuse critics and opponents of, you can pretty much bet that they are the actual guilty party. The attack ads against Mulcair accuse him of risky economic theories, while in reality Harper’s . . . → Read More: Conservative Doublespeak

The Harper Song


The Harper Song (I couldn’t figure out how to embed it, please follow the link for now.) By John Roby.

After watching yesterday’s debates, I think we can all agree that Steven Harper isn’t human at all, much less Prime Ministerial.  Yet the Mainstream Press continue to refuse to state the obvious.  The Emperor . . . → Read More: The Harper Song

Most Clear Insight Into Harper’s Mind Thusfar…


While perusing a Toronto Star article today entitled Harper’s Tories Leave Mulroney Cold I came across this quote from an annonymous Tory MP:

“Being in power is better than not being in power,”

I don’t think a more clear insight into the mind of Stephen Harper has ever been offered up. He’s run . . . → Read More: Most Clear Insight Into Harper’s Mind Thusfar…