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Sell Out. End Game Edition.


Under the convenient cover of Rob Ford’s very public downward spiral this week, our governments, Provincial and Federal, have been busy dismantling our Public Trust.

First comes the news that Christie Clark has miraculously come to an agreement with her pre-election nemisis Alison Redford on pipelines through BC.  Even though none of . . . → Read More: Sell Out. End Game Edition.

Right and Wrong


Laila Yuile gave us a perspective on a Jonathon Fowlie editorial about Christie Clark.  In the interview with Fowlie, conducted during a hockey mom photo op. type interview apparently…I’ll let Laila speak for herself…

“I absolutely had to pick my chin off of my desk this morning when I read Jonathon Fowlie’s . . . → Read More: Right and Wrong


Tweet The unelected premier of BC. Christie Clark and her caucus are trying to ram through changes to the Privacy Act.  According to an article written by Rob Shaw, of Postmedia.

The proposed legislation would make it easier for government to share  people’s private information across ministries, something the current law  prohibits. Government officials . . . → Read More: Privacy