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Sell Out. End Game Edition.


Under the convenient cover of Rob Ford’s very public downward spiral this week, our governments, Provincial and Federal, have been busy dismantling our Public Trust.

First comes the news that Christie Clark has miraculously come to an agreement with her pre-election nemisis Alison Redford on pipelines through BC.  Even though none of . . . → Read More: Sell Out. End Game Edition.

The Ballad of Joan Crockatt


Like some long-lost remnant from a different era, Joan Crockatt channels many of the right-wing talking points favourited by archaic American tea party candidates who lost so badly on November 6. However, what was lost in the USA is still popular in much of Alberta, especially in Calgary . . . → Read More: The Ballad of Joan Crockatt

The Play

Tweet The people of BC have been polling at 80% against pipelines and tankers off the coast for years.  Since the Seventies in fact.  Last week, the PostMedia admitted that Harper’s vision of pipelines to the coast and tankers from there to China, are dead in the water (so to speak). So they must’ve . . . → Read More: The Play