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Just Four More Days Before M-312 is Put Forward

Boys 'n' girls, it all happens come this Thursday, April 26.  We can hope that ol' Stevie Wankworth's bill will be voted down before anything can happen, but I'm not holding my breath.  That horrible debate is likely to happen, despite the fact the Supreme Court already ended that over two decades ago. Go to my previous post with the brief history lesson and links to both of those Supreme court decisions of Morgentaler v The Queen and Tremblay v Daigle. Remember boys 'n' girls, this motion would not be going forward without his highness's blessing. Sure he promised not to revive that abortion debate as long he is PM, but first off, how often has he lied or broke campaign promises?  Another thing to keep in mind was he never promised that his puppets would never be allowed to table private members bills on that subject.

Oh and anybody out there who has somehow told themselves that perhaps STevie Spiteful is pro-choice, because there is nothing out there; not even a quote to suggest otherwise,  I believe that evidence is found in what is not said, more than what is said.  If Stevie Spiteful were really pro-choice, he'd have long since spilled that for us.  We would easily find something to that effect;  that he said that he was pro-choice. Most pro-choice politicians don't appear to have any qualms about admitting they're pro-choice.  Stevie Spiteful, not so much.  Let's also remember that evangelical church he attends.  More here about Stevie Spiteful's theocracy, written by a self-admitted socon, no less.

Boys 'n' girls, I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce a new blog aggregator run by Pale of a Creative Revolution, Canadian Progressives.  Over there, a blogburst has been kicked off by DeBeauxOs over at Dammit Janet, where all progressive bloggers who care about maintaining women's reproductive rights are encouraged to blog supporting a woman's right to choose and to slam M-312, which, if passed, could and would set our reproductive rights back decades.  Regina Mom is continuing.

Two groups working hard to fight against Wanksworth or anybody else seeking to set women's rights back are:

Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada and en francais: Coalition pour le droit a l'avortement Canada

The Radical Handmaids-- The site is bilingual. They have 10 suggestions to oppose M-312.

For your "entertainment", Ol' Reverend Stevie Wanksworth has tweeted his Sunday sermons.

Please sign the petition and this link is downloadable so you can print and get your friends, family and colleagues  to sign.

3 comments to Just Four More Days Before M-312 is Put Forward

  • sassy

    The comments on Woodworth’s blog don’t seem to be in agreement with his tweets. I wonder if he will let them stand.

  • Hi, simultaneously there are solidarity events being held in other cities, Toronto for instance! Hope the link works :)

    ck Reply:

    Thanks, I liv e in Montreal and hope to find an event here.