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What Have You Done, Clucking Christie Bitchford?

She’s a left the Grope & Fail and sayin’ hello to the Pestmedia!  CEO Paul Godfrey is just so wild about havin’ her!

“We are thrilled to welcome Christie to Postmedia,” said Paul Godfrey President and CEO. “Christie Blatchford is a game changer in the world of journalism and we’re overjoyed to have her playing on our team. People who love her, and even those few who don’t, always read her.”

Wrong! I don’t always read her.  Only when someone draws my attention to something particularly mockworthy. 

Game changer?? What games?? Hopscotch?? Drinking games??

Now, let’s see how ol’ Chrissy accepts this:

“I’m glad to be back in the fold,” said Blatchford. “It feels like my natural home. I never stopped reading National Post every day, I think it’s the prettiest and best written newspaper in the country. I’m really happy to be back.”

She thinks that paper is purdy?  I’ve seen that yellow on  cirrhosis and jaundice and other liver disease patience. But then, this is Chrissy talking about. Perhaps liver disease is purdy in her world. 

Yes, she gets to have a family reunion with sob sisters, Babs ‘n’ Tash.

Just one question though. Whatever will CJAD’s Drive show host Ricky P.  do without his precious Chrissy in the afternoons to get his juices flowing when she talks that dirty conservative talk that gets him in that happy place?  Will his ratings suffer? Stay tuned!

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