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Harper not opening abortion debate? GG gives Jubilee medals to anti-choice Cons (as in Convicts)

Two lawless anti-choice, anti-women zealots – Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner – have been awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medals by the Governor General (warning: link goes to virulently anti-choice site) for ‘contribution to Canada.’ Humoursly one the recipients, Mary Wagner, is currently in jail for her radical law breaking.

Just look at this fucking moron!

Nominating MP Vellacott should be ashamed for claiming, “like Martin Luther King and other human rights reformers, Mary [and Linda are] using civil disobedience to further a just cause.” Using the name of MLK in vain is surely grounds for eternal damnation.

He continues, “peaceful civil disobedience is an appropriate method when trying to protect defenseless, voiceless human beings in the womb from butchery and death.”

Yeah, you fucking idiot, ‘appropriate method’ and ‘peaceful civil disobedience’ are fine unless you’ve been bludgeoned for standing around watching or peacefully protesting the G20 debacle. No medals for those heroes.

This is surely another sign, on top of M312 and M408, of the quicker-than-expected degeneration of our government towards the eventual outlawing of abortion. The theocracy marches on. Criminal or otherwise.

So, what does a Canadian anti-choice radical get for killing an abortion doctor? A senatorship!

Reading the article, I came across an organization called REAL Women Canada. Haha. Nothing says ‘real woman’ than one whose role in life is take the ‘real’ out of other women. No wonder Rona Ambrose is so fucking Con-fused.

Conrad Black. Linda Gibbons. Mary Wagner. This is the decade of the criminal Con – forgiven, rewarded and given a place at the table. Meanwhile Marc Emery rots in some horrible. redneck prison for selling harmless pleasure to people over the web.

H/T: @montrealsimon

UPDATE: According to commenter Justin, the original story is a FAKE.

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10 comments to Harper not opening abortion debate? GG gives Jubilee medals to anti-choice Cons (as in Convicts)

  • Oh, don’t worry. You’re still in the lead. They could give medals to a thousand pro-life activists; so long as Henry Morgantaler holds the Order of Canada, it’ll never be enough to erase the shame.

    By the way, I see no evidence that Harper was anywhere near this decision. We’re talking about two medals out of 60,000, allocated to hundreds of politicans and NGOs to award as they see fit. By the time they’re all given out, there won’t be a person in Canada who doesn’t disagree with some. (Also, anybody who has certain other honours gets this one automatically — so Morgentaler’s got one, if that makes you feel better.)

  • I didn’t know it was a game.

    As for Harper not being involved – of course he isn’t. He never is.

  • Deb O'Connor

    Thanks so much for writing and posting this piece. I didn’t know about it and was utterly shocked to find out. What really shocks me though is that I did a piece of my own, crediting this site of course, and not one person has made a comment on the blog I write for. Not one. Does nobody care that our government is so morally bankrupt that they would champion these criminals?

    Here’s a link to the blog:

    Maharg Reply:

    Don’t be too disappointed Deb, many of us read and absorb the information on good blog sites such as Sister Sages without comment. Although it is gratifying when others recognize your efforts. You are not a voice in the wilderness.

  • Thank you Deb for the link. Fine post, too.

    It’s a huge mystery why Canadians are so apathetic about what is happening in this country. The eye opener to me was my prog sister with a history of voting Green, told me this past summer she voted for Harper because of ‘unions’ and ‘who else is there to vote for anymore?’

    It broke my heart but she has a point. Nobody on the left is inspiring or messaging properly. Bloggers preach to the choir but the public is fed a steady stream of Sun Media/Globe & Mail/Postmedia Conservative editorializing. The Libs have let their economic stewardship be commandeered by the Cons, who take credit, with barely a peep. Mulcair is too political to fully take on the Cons.

    Our voices are lost. Reason has been abandoned. Who’s going to pay attention to a prog blog when the message has been preempted by the Con-media conglomerate?

    Deb OConnor Reply:

    Thanks for your support, JYMM and MARHARG. I guess we just carry on and hope a few people get the message we’re trying so hard to deliver. I just had a woman who went to school with my son comment on facebook that she credited my work for enlightening her on social issues and encouraging her to stand up for her beliefs, which is gratifying. We hear more rebukes than thanks most of the time so it was nice.

    As to the commenter here who thinks this story is a fake, maybe he should tell that Catholic group who did an online story praising the anti choice zealots for getting their medals.

  • Justin

    The lifesite story is fake.

    A) Only 60 Canadians were awarded, not 60,000. And B) Those women are not on the list of recipients.

    Jymn Reply:

    Mmmm. Your link goes to the February announcement. Medals are given throughout the year. It looks like that 60K number is true.

  • Justin

    I haven’t heard of any other medals being awarded via ceremony though, and there’s no additional recipient list.

  • Justin

    According to the SUN, “partner organizations” get to hand out their own medals. REAL Women is one of those organizations.