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When Conservatives say “counter-terrorism”, they really mean “anti-pot”, even halfway around the world

Bosun’s Mate Fleury throws hemp rope reaped from the spoils of the Battle of Yemen

With the HMCS Regina replacing the HMCS Charlottetown in the Arabian Sea , Peter MacKay and the Government of Canada decided it was big news. MacKay said all the right things to boast about the exchange of ships: “strong tradition in overseas operations with our allies”, “international security and stability” and “Canada’s contribution to maritime security and counter-terrorism operations play a key role in the prosperity of our country”.

You can see from MacKay’s patriotic bluster that our far-away forces are actually fighting for “security”, “stability”, “tradition” and “prosperity”, using “counter-terrorism” methods.

So, what is the result of these noble traits of our forces’ finest (emphasis mine)?

Notably during her deployment, HMCS Charlottetown disrupted the exchange of illicit cargo between a dhow – a larger fishing-type vessel – and a smaller skiff in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Yemen on May 5, 2012. HMCS Charlottetown’s actions resulted in the seizure and disposal of 600 pounds of hashish.

Aren’t you proud of the HMCS Charlottetown, Peter MacKay and the brave political soldiers of the Government of Canada? They have been working overtime to put Stephen Harper’s own private war against pot into a nice package wrapped in the two-dollar words that lie about the true goals of the Conservatives.

Knocking off a drug-running ship does nothing to contribute to the fight for ”security”, “stability”, “tradition” “prosperity” using “counter-terrorism” methods. It just busts some capitalistic people trying to make money off other people who like to get high.

I can barely wait for the Toronto Sun to take up MacKay’s bleating. You can already see the headlines: “HMCS Charlottetown’s Bosun’s Mate Dougie Fleury Recounts the Battle of Yemen as He Fought off Bales of Hashish with his Bare Hands”

“But it’s not just about drugs, Jymn; opiates pot funds terrorism”. Really? Pot?

That’s the end game of the Government of Canada in a nutshell.

But as the relief of the 240 sailors on the HMCS Charlottetown with another crew of sailors and another ship indicates, busting potheads is hard work. The war on drugs is the only war this government and its soldiers are really interested in pursuing. Even half way around the world.

H/T: @EverettColdwell

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