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Why Franky Legault, What is Your Hurry?

Boys ‘n’ girls, it looks like ol’ Franky Legault is confirming one of my predictions and worst fears.   It appears that ol’ Franky Legault is in even more of a hurry for the Liberals to select a permanent leader than they are.

CAQ leader François Legault holds the balance of power in the National Assembly, and as the Liberals began jockeying for position in their leadership race, he urged them to make their choice before next spring’s budget “just in case.”

“If not, I’d have no choice but to back Ms. Marois’s budget. But I think that right now we need some changes in Quebec. We cannot live with the actual status quo, so I think that there is a certain urgency for them to get a new leader,” Mr. Legault said.

Gee Franky, why the hurry? Are you willing to form a coalition with the  corrupt Liberals after swearing up and down you wouldn’t?  Gee, I thought you wanted to clean up corruption mess here and said the Liberals were “too corrupt” to work with.  This, of course, doesn’t surprise me. I knew this would happen. Why else would he be soooo interested in a rival party’s leadership race, otherwise?  Oh sure, Franky can simply mean a mere election and he hopes to win that, but even if this Liberal leadership race will have a short date, the earliest a new leader could be sworn in is in February or even early March. By the time the thread bare PQ minority tables its’ first budget, the new Liberal leader will only have been at the helm for about a month. Hardly enough time to establish him or herself as a viable leader of a party that could win any potential election.  The new leader will already have his/her work cut out for them. Plus, depending on what comes out at the Charbonneau Commission between September 17 and the time the PQ tables its’ budget, this new leader may be too busy trying to put out fires.  All that to say that the new leader may not be amenable to such a short election date. I mean, I don’t know about you, boys ‘n’ girls, but I don’t remember a time when any leader of any political party cared so much about the leadership race of a rival party. I’m surprise he doesn’t cook up some other arrangement with the Liberals sooner.



3 comments to Why Franky Legault, What is Your Hurry?

  • ” but I don’t remember a time when any leader of any political party cared so much about the leadership race of a rival party.”

    I would suggest that Harper and his minions care about the leadership of any of their opposition parties, after all, they have to get to work on dem old attack ads as soon as possible.

  • Legault wants to know how he’ll be squeezed, ck — and who will do the squeezing.

    ck Reply:

    Maybe, but it’s more of what Legault said that convinces me he is seeking coalition with the Liberals once they find their permanent leader. (Paraphrasing) he said that he would have no choice but to support the Parti-Quebecois’s budget if the Liberals haven’t selected their leader.

    There’s also another thing, the Liberals too could be squeezed out eventually. The party had really swung to the right under Charest. Also, Mulcair is planning to resurrect the NDP party of Quebec. That too, could squeeze them out, or it could run into the same perils it did before it was disolved. However, assuming Marois’s budget is voted out and we go to the polls this Spring, I doubt the new NDP party will be in force then.