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Canada 2012. A nation of warmongers, plagiarizers, misogynists, Islamaphobes and despots

There are times when I almost regain my faith in Canadian journalism. For every Margaret Wente or Sylvia Stead there is a Stephen Maher or Glen McGregor. The latter duo is especially gratifying, seeing that they are being published by the bastard child of Conrad Black and the rigidly Conservative Aspers – Postmedia.

Under the shadow of the Postmedia’s far-right National Post, some of the chain’s newspapers still publish opposing points of view. Such is the case of Glen McGregor’s paper of residence, the Ottawa Citizen. You would probably never see this article published in the National Post and certainly not in anything put out by Sun Media.

This is not a liberal whine about conservative politics. This is not even about the practices of a government that puts short-term economic interests ahead of long-term environmental concerns, military spending ahead of social investment, the iconic perception of tax cuts ahead of meaningful reform.

It’s about a government seemingly bent on frittering away our national identity in a series of craven acts of colonialist nostalgia. It’s about a government equally obsessed with turning back nearly 150 years of positive evolution.

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