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The Ballad of Joan Crockatt

Like some long-lost remnant from a different era, Joan Crockatt channels many of the right-wing talking points favourited by archaic American tea party candidates who lost so badly on November 6. However, what was lost in the USA is still popular in much of Alberta, especially in Calgary Centre.

Yesterday, in a ‘forum’ for the upcoming byelection, Crockatt was in rare form. Thankfully challenged by the other party candidates, Crockatt displayed everything that turned off voters south of the border the last year and alienated most Canadians.

Sounding more like a Sun News Network wacko than a politician appealing for votes, the debate-shy Conservative candidate proved herself to be unapologetically batshit crazy. Here are some highlights:

“If I’m a backbench MP, I’m just fine doing that,” Ms. Crockatt said. “To me, the job is to support the Prime Minister in whatever way that he thinks.”

“When you say you’ll do whatever Stephen Harper asks, how can we trust anything you say?” said NDP Candidate Dan Meade.

“As long as they’re still funding some porn channel on the web there’s going to be people who look at the CBC and says they’re still room for cuts,” Crockatt said.

“Our largest trading partner in the U.S. is a basket case financially and we need to start looking for other markets.

I wouldn’t mind such extremist drivel if for the fact that Crockatt is arguably a shoo-in. I guess that’s why Crockatt feels so comfortable dipping her toes into the dreaded Hunsperger/Leech zone. What’s sickening is that in one of the largest urban areas of Canada, this radical Conservative will most certainly join the ranks of a party already mired in ancient ideology.

A recent poll found that 44 per cent of voters backed the Conservatives, with the Liberals a distant second and the NDP and Green further back battling for third.

Cookie-cutter queens of the wild frontier

UPDATE: JimBobby has come up with stellar lyrics. Upcoming video?

UPDATE II: Here’s the video from JimBobby. It exceeds expectations.

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3 comments to The Ballad of Joan Crockatt

  • Deb OConnor

    Yeah, there’s something about some of those Albertans that makes my blood run cold. Almost as cold as Stephen Harper.

  • Bruce Cameron

    Update your stats: Forum research has published two polls in the last week showing a very tight race. Even though the Forum methodology is somewhat questionable –Interactive Voice Recognition (ie automated push buttons– both Forum polls indicated that support for Liberal Harvey Locke is close to Crockatt’s support. CPC 35, Libs 30, GPC third at 25. Harvey can win, and Crockatt has a real chance to lose.

    Jymn Reply:

    Thanks for the update, Bruce.