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Kathy Shaidle Sinks To All Time Low

Just when you think Kathy Shittle of F ive Feet of Fecal Matter can’t sink any lower, she does!

It was more than enough over at the Grope & Fail comment boards following an article about Justin Trudeau’s video in support of Tony Genco in Vaughan where  they’re coming out slamming his mother and her bi-polar disorder; a disorder which Margaret Trudeau courageously came out and spoke up about.  But Kathy makes back handed snark about Michel Trudeau’s death, asking “where an avalanche is when we need one”.

Say what you want about the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, or Tony Genco, but those commenters at Grope and Fail actually going so low as to involve Trudeau’s mother and her illness and worse, the likes of little Shittle slamming his late brother is really uncalled for.

Stay KKKlassy Kathy!! Found a real job yet?

5 comments to Kathy Shaidle Sinks To All Time Low

  • L.Lea

    Some people have no class and aren’t afraid to show it. I’m reminded of the Conservatives’ advertisement about Jean Chretien’s face. They recalled the ad but it showed their true colours. What distinguishes the right from the left is the right’s propensity to roll in the muck and the mire. For some reason they feel more at home there than anywhere. Sad isn’t it?

  • balbulican

    This is one of Shaidle’s two or three stock “aren’t I just AWFUL” party tricks. Same “joke”, again and again: one of her favourite variants is to shit on uppity Aboriginal people by wondering where the smallpox infected blankets are when you need them.

    If you fail find that kind of thing funny, it’s not because SHE’S a vulgar, hatemongering propagandist – it’s because YOU don’t have a sense of humour.

    I once asked her whether she’d think it acceptable to express disapproval of Ezra Levant by wishing “humourously” for a can of Zyklon B: strangely, she never responded.

    ck Reply:

    That is surprising that she didn’t respond to you. I would have figured she would have promptly responded with some variant of “How dare you wish such evul on my hero…” or some other righteous indignation like that. Or perhaps Ezzy isn’t that important to her. Next time you have an urge to contact her, insert either Geert Wilders or Mark Steyn; she may be more quick to defend their dishonour; now those seem to be alpha males to her!

  • deBeauxOs

    Shaidle is consumed by envy when it comes to someone like Margaret Trudeau because, while Kathy clearly suffers from a number of medical complaints too, publishers aren’t breaking her door down to get the rights to her memoirs.

  • Jymn

    Stunning lack of class and lack of any respect for other human beings. Bet she’ll claim it was satire and that she was ‘only joking’. Or, maybe not. She is just as likely to be proud of her remarks. Who know what goes on that sick of a mind.